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Propel Endeavor S Review

The Propel Endeavor S is a true all-terrain electric skateboard. It is comfortable on rough paved roads and can shred hard on off-road trails.

Propel Endeavor S

Best Features

Top Speed: 28mph / 45kmh

Range: 28 miles / 45km (75kg rider) | 17 miles / 28km (100kg rider)

Suspension trucks

Auto on/off

Amazing performance specs


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The Propel Endeavor1 S is an electric skateboard that offers you the ability to go out on rough, off-road adventures while simultaneously being a comfortable city commuter.

As you can see, it doesn’t look like your typical electric skateboard. It has a bunch of interesting components that make it very unique.

So let’s take a closer look at the Enveavor S to better understand how it works, what makes it such a versatile electric skateboard and most importantly, if this is the right electric skateboard for you.

The price of the Propel Endeavor S is $999. For what it offers, this is some insane value as you’ll soon see.

There is also the Endeavor Pro model for $1,799 which is basically a completely jacked-up version of the Endeavor S.

This is primarily a Propel Enveavor S review because that’s the model that I have, however, I will also sprinkle some of the upgrades the Pro has throughout the review to help you decide which would be best for you.

And as a side note, to make things even crazier. There is a Propel X4S which is a 4WD electric skateboard and looks totally insane. I won’t be covering that one today, but I do encourage you to go check it out. You can find a link to that in the description.

Propel Endeavor S


The total length of the Propel S is 44.4”, however, the length of the deck’s platform where you are able to stand is 26.7”.

I naturally prefer a wider stance, and initially, this board felt a tad short to me, however, it has a long wheelbase, so I actually felt very stable standing on this deck.

The deck is made of maple and the enclosure underneath runs across the entire deck so it’s completely solid with zero flex. But as you’ll see later on when we look at the trucks, the stiffness does not compromise the comfort of this eboard.

Because of its size, it takes up a lot of space when storing it and it weighs 37.4lbs (17kg) which makes it cumbersome to lug around and lift in and out of the car.

However, when you compare it to other electric skateboards in this category, it actually sits on the lighter end of the scale.

The Endeavor Pro has the exact same deck specs except that it is made of carbon fibre instead of maple and weighs in at 43lbs 19.5kg.

Propel Endeavor S deck


Both the Endeavor S and Pro models run 8” inflatable All-Terrain tyres.

If we take a closer look at the tread, we can see that the centre is quite slick while the outer edges are knobbly.

The slick centre helps to maintain traction when riding on paved roads, while when riding on off-road surfaces, the knobbles create extra grip to prevent slipping around which is especially prevalent when cornering on gravel trails.

This design of mixing both street-style tread with off-road tread isn’t anything new and is often found on car and bike tyres, however, it’s rarely used in the eskate industry.

The Propel website recommends running the tyres at 25psi which I thought to be quite soft.

I would recommend running 25psi for off-road riding, but something closer to 35psi for street riding. And if you’re doing a bit of both go for the middle ground.

The optimal tyre pressure will also depend on your weight and riding style, so play around with it to find what works best for you.

These tyres make up a significant portion of why the Endeavour eboards feel so great on both street and off-road terrains.

The other component that plays a massive role in the ride feel of the Endeavor is the trucks, if we can even call them that…

Propel Endeavor S Wheels and tyres


Really, they look more like modified car wheel axles.

Propel call them a “coil-over shock-supported independent suspension system”.

Which is a bit of a mouthful, and the way they work is quite technical.

What’s important to know is that each wheel has its own suspension with 50mm of travel and are able to move independently of each other.

This means that if one wheel happens to go over a large bump, it won’t cause its parallel wheel to move unexpectedly.

At the same time, the suspension will absorb the majority of that force leaving you almost oblivious to any movements underneath the deck.

I can’t understate how amazing this is.

The suspension system on the Endeavor will allow you to go on very long rides without fatiguing your feet.

I’ve come back from 1hr rides on some eboards completely exhausted because I spent the whole time trying to keep the board stable and letting my feet absorb all of the vibrations from the road.

This problem is pretty much non-existent on the Endeavor.

The wheels and the large trucks give the Endeavor 11cm ground clearance so you’re able to tackle and go over terrain that isn’t possible on other electric skateboards.

I went up against street curbs and large rocks and had no issues whatsoever. 

There are also some really handy belt guards that will take the impact of any surprising rocks and curbs and prevent damage from occurring to your belts. 

Propel Endeavor S suspension trucks


The battery in the Propel Endeavor S is 12S3P with 666Wh which is absolutely massive.

The max range is 28 miles (45km) with a 165lb (75kg) rider and 17 miles (28km) for a 220lb (100kg) rider.

I love that Propel offers two different ranges dependent on weight because it does play a big role in the amount of range that you will get.

On the upgraded Endeavor Pro, the battery is 12S5P with 1110Wh and the max range is 44 miles (71km) for a 165lb (75kg) rider and 31 miles (50km) for a 220lb (100kg) rider.

These huge batteries, understandably, have long charging times. With the Endeavor S being 4 hours and the Pro being 5 hours.

Propel Endeavor S battery enclosure


Both of the Endeavor models run 2x 6374 belt drive motors with a theoretical power output of 3000W per motor. But theoretical means nothing if it can’t be produced in the real world.

The top speed of the Endeavor S is 28mph (45kmh)

And oddly enough, the Pro has a top speed of 50kmh (31mph)

Considering they both use the same motors, you’d think that they would have the same speed capabilities, but the added speed in the Pro comes from the ESC which we’ll talk about in just a sec.

On my ride, I hit a top speed of 25mph (40.7kmh) and that was while riding up a slight incline. There was also more room in the throttle, I just wasn’t game enough to push it any further.

It’s insanely fast, but just as importantly, it was extremely stable. I didn’t notice any signs of speed wobbles.

For the hill climb test, I rode up my usual slope which has an average of 8% across the entire length with the steepest part being around 13%.

The Propel S smashed it.

It was still moving at 14mph (22.7kmh) at the steepest point of the hill with no signs of slowing down.

It has a max hill grade ability of 30% which I think is possible.

Meanwhile, the Endeavor Pro has a climbing ability of 35%. Again, this added power will be coming from the ESC.

Propel Endeavor S belt-drive motors

ESC & Remote

The difference between the Endeavor S and Pro is that the S has a standard ESC while the Pro’s ESC is built upon the VESC framework.

Basically, the VESC is more customizable and the power outputs can be controlled programmatically. This allows Propel to write specific software to maximise the potential power of the motors and battery.

On the flip side, the power on the Endeavor S is limited by the capabilities of the ESC.

But the benefit of using a regular ESC is that it is cheap to set up keeps the cost of the Endeavor S low.

The remote for the Endeavor S is simple with all of the major features you would need.

It has a thumbwheel for acceleration and braking, 4 acceleration modes, 4 braking modes, reverse, cruise control and an LED display to show riding information like current speed, battery levels and an odometer among other useful info.

Propel Endeavor S Remote

Don’t be fooled by the labels on the remote. This is not the reverse button it only cycles through the riding modes. To put it in reverse, you double click the power button.

Usually, the power button on electric skateboards is located on the enclosure under the deck, however, on the Endeavor, Propel has conveniently placed it on top of the rear wheel axle for easy access. This is a small design feature that makes riders’ lives so much easier!

Propel Endeavor S power button

As for the Endeavor Pro remote, it’s slightly different because of the VESC.

It has a different layout button and screen layout and it has smart reverse where after you brake and come to a complete stop if you continue holding the brakes on, it will move in reverse at 2% power. This is really handy for making sharper turns Austin Powers style.

In The Box

In the box you get:

  • The board
  • Remote
  • Board charger
  • Small USB cable to charge the remote
  • Two spare belts
  • Allen key or hex key
  • Spanner
  • User Manual
Propel Endeavor S Accessories in the box

Final Thoughts

Overall, I love the Propel Endeavor S.

If you’re looking for the most comfortable commuter board, look no further.

And if you want to go out on off-roading adventures, this stacks up as one of the best.

But where it really shines is being able to do both of those riding styles really well without compromise on either.

And for the sub $1,000 price tag, it offers the best value-for-money electric skateboard in this category.

That’s my Propel Endeavor S electric skateboard review. I hope I’ve helped make your search for the best electric skateboard a little easier.

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riding the Propel Endeavor S on grass


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