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Yecoo MT Mini Review

Cleanest electric skateboard with all the features.

Yecoo MT Mini electric skateboard

Best Features

Top Speed: 25mph / 40kph

Range: 10 miles / 16km

Great value-for-money


Fun surf-style ride



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Yecoo has been around for a while now so I’m surprised it’s taken me this long to review any of their products.

I must say that I have seen some of their boards in the past and I wasn’t that impressed, just by looking at them, but I had heard good things about their eBoards and now that their product offering is starting to become a little more focused and aesthetically appealing, I’m glad I get the chance to review them.

The Yecoo MT Mini electric skateboard is a cool little eBoard that has some great performance specs and is super affordable.

The base model is only $399 and you have the option to upgrade the battery for an extra $50 and the wheels for another $50.

So, at most, all you’re going to pay is $499 for the top end, fully decked out option of this product.

That is an absolute steal for the value you get in this electric skateboard.

So, let’s get into this Yecoo MT Mini review.

Yecoo MT Mini accessories in the box

Who Is It For?

The Yecoo MT Mini electric skateboard is geared toward traditional skaters who are curious about the eSkate world.

It looks like a cruiser board and it rides like a cruiser board.

The kicktail and stiff deck make it a lot of fun to ride because you can tic-tac around corners and launch off of street curbs.

It’s got a very surfy vibe both in the way it looks and the way it rides.

Riding the Yecoo MT Mini Electric Skateboard

Yecoo MT Mini Review


The Yecoo MT mini has an 8 layer maple deck that makes it incredibly stiff. There’s no flex in it whatsoever.

It has a very very slight concave, that’s almost hardly noticeable. 

The sharkfin kick tail out appears to be quite short, however, it’s more than enough to be able to tic-tac around corners and use to dodge large cracks in the road.

The angle isn’t too sharp either, so it was still comfortable to rest your back foot here while riding.

Yecoo MT Mini deck

Another nice touch is the wheel-well cutouts underneath the deck that help to prevent wheel bite when turning.

It’s 33.5” in length which is quite a long deck for a mini electric skateboard.

It took me some time to adjust to the stance because when I use a kicktail, my feet tend to be close together and my front foot takes a lot of the weight. 

However, in this scenario, because of the wider stance, my weight is more evenly distributed between my feet even though my back foot is on the kicktail.

It’s not a bad thing, I just thought I’d mention that it is longer than you think.


You have stock-standard trucks on the Yecoo MT Mini which are OK.

I found the bushings to be extremely soft.

Even with tight trucks, there was still plenty of sponge in them which is great for carving.

On the flip side, they didn’t feel as steady as I would have liked at higher speeds.

Yecoo MT Mini trucks


The Yecoo MT Mini has 90mm 872A street wheels which felt really solid.

These wheels are great for sliding as you are able to easily kick them out, get a bit of a skid, and then bring the board back to the centre.

I did, however, find it a bit sketchy riding over any loose stones or debris on the paths. I had to bring my speed right down to feel safe riding over it.

With this deck and wheel combo, you can really feel the surface of the road.

Again, this is what gives it that traditional skateboard feel. 

Yecoo MT Mini street wheels

Motors, Top Speed and Hill Climbing

The Yecoo MT Mini has dual 540W hub motors which are good for cruising.

They’re specced to get 25mph (40kph) and I maxed it out at 22.8mph (36.7kph).

There was still a little more room in the throttle so you can probably go a little faster, I just wasn’t confident enough to keep going as I started to feel some speed wobbles coming on.

Top speed test of Yecoo MT Mini

I didn’t have much success riding up my test hill.

Heading up a 12% hill grade, the board dropped down to a speed of 6.8mph (11kph) and the battery indicator on the remote showed only one bar and was buzzing at me.

It seems to get a bit of voltage sag but it doesn’t kick you out of your speed mode or cut off completely.

It might be able to do better with lighter riders, but for people of my weight which is about 190lbs (86kg), it’s not ideal for climbing hills.

Yecoo MT Mini wheels

Battery and Range

There are two battery options you can choose from. 158.4Wh or 252Wh.

And they’re marketed to get you a range of 10 miles (16km) and 15 miles (24km) respectively.

I’ve got the larger 252Wh battery and I managed to get 12.4 miles (20km) which I am very impressed with.

range test of the Yecoo MT Mini
Range with the larger 7.0Ah battery

Remember, I’m 190lbs and I did the hill climb and acceleration tests throughout this and a bit of carving, however, speed-wise, I was just cruising most of the time.

Considering all of that, the range I got is quite impressive.

Inside the enclosure, the battery is protected by a foam cover which is meant to offer some water resistance.

Yecoo uses the word waterproof, however, it’s not, so don’t go riding through any water or in the rain.

The enclosure overall is really nice. It’s slim, covers the entire underside of the deck and can easily be removed with a hex key which is included.

The only downside is that the foam cover needs to be carefully peeled back in order to access the electronics if you need to for any reason.

Battery in the Yecoo MT Mini

ESC, Acceleration and Braking

The acceleration on the Yeco MT Mini is completely manageable for intermediate riders.

And experienced riders will probably find it to be a piece of cake.

The same goes for the braking.

I always felt in control and I didn’t worry that it was going to cut out on me.

Towards the end of the ride, the available power steadily decreases over about 5-10 minutes until you won’t be able to accelerate any longer. The board switches over to a roll so you can still kick push and use the brakes.


The remote is an interesting one.

I mean, it’s nothing new. This style of remote control is used quite often.

It has an LED screen that displays your current speed, odometer, trip length, speed mode, braking mode, direction, and battery level for the board and the remote.

It has 4 speed modes and 4 braking modes, Lo, Mid, Hi and Pro, which are interchangeable. For example, you can run speed mode MID with braking mode Pro.

There’s also reverse, cruise control and an auto on/off feature.

Yecoo MT Mini remote

The button labelled ‘Reverse’ actually has nothing to do with reverse. It’s the speed mode change button. 

You can put the board into reverse by double-clicking the power button when you’re at a standstill.

I had another board like this so the remote manufacturer must have made a printing error or the ESC firmware was updated after the printing of the remotes.

The only other thing about the remote I’d like to address is that it is possible to change the speed mode while you’re accelerating, so be extra careful not to accidentally hit the speed mode button here otherwise you’ll get a nasty shock of acceleration.

What Could Be Better?

The only real issue I had with the YEcoo MT Mini was that I started to get tired earlier on in the ride than I usually do.

And I put this down to the lack of shock-absorbing technology in this board. 

It’s not the end of the world, some riders will prefer this and it definitely helped when tic-tacing and using the kick tail to avoid obstacles.

Customer Reviews

There are a few 5-star reviews of the Yecoo MT Mini on their website which is a good sign.

However, there aren’t any other-star reviews which raises some questions, however, reading through them, they do seem to be legitimate customer reviews.


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Final thoughts

Overall, I am very impressed with the Yecoo MT mini electric skateboard.

Mainly because it is so affordable and offers amazing performance specs.

It was very fun to ride even if my legs did start to fatigue a bit towards the end of the ride.

I highly recommend this eBoard if you’re looking for something to cruise around on and just enjoy yourself.

That’s it, that’s my Yecoo MT Mini electric skateboard review.

I hope I’ve helped you on your journey to find the best electric skateboard that’s right for you.

Ride safe out the eSkaters.

See you soon.

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Riding the Yecoo MT Mini

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