What Is An Electric Skateboard?

Electric skateboards have been around for a while now. The biggest and one of the first companies on the eskate scene, Boosted Board, have been around since 2011. But it’s only now that we are seeing a real uptake by consumers.

This is due to advances in technology that now make these electric skateboards powerful, reliable and most importantly, affordable.

Electric skateboards, are known by a whole host of names. You might hear them being called electric longboards, motorised skateboards, eboards or eskateboards. They all mean the same thing.

Basically, an electric longboard is a regular skateboard hooked up to a set of motors powered by a rechargeable battery pack. And you control the speed and the brakes of the motors with a handheld remote.

They are a ton of fun for people of all ages and you can use them for cruising on the weekend or commuting to work everyday.

Once you’ve had a look at what an electric skateboard is below, head over and read some electric skateboard reviews to help you make your decision!

All you need to do is hover over any part of the electric skateboard below and it will light up. Then, click on the highlighted section to see some useful information about that specific component. Have fun and I hope you learn a bunch!

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What are the Best Electric Skateboards?

Now that you know what an electric skateboard is, let’s get you on an eboard of your very own!

Read the best electric skateboard reviews to find the perfect board for you!