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The 5 Best Snowboard Helmets with Bluetooth and Audio

person wearing white snowboard helmet

By Nate


No matter how good you are on an electric skateboard, safety has to be your number one priority. This means that wearing a helmet is a must to protect your noggin.

You could go with a standard skate helmet or even a full-face helmet, but you’re likely going to be wearing this thing for a while on your journeys, so why not add a few bells and whistles.

For example, a snowboard helmet with Bluetooth connectivity and speakers is a godsend when you’re cruising on the way to your destination.

Aside from offering much-needed protection, you can make and receive phone calls and listen to some tunes. 

However, which snowboard helmet with Bluetooth should you buy? Don’t worry! I’ve got you covered with the best helmets for you to check out.

So, read on and find out which snowboard helmet with bluetooth is best for you.

Top Snowboard Helmets With Bluetooth

When picking a helmet, you’re going to get overwhelmed with options. Yet, that doesn’t mean there isn’t one that’s perfect for you.

So, after you’ve figured out your size and fitting, it’s going to come down to two main factors: your budget and personal taste.

Taking that into consideration, we reviewed three of the best Bluetooth helmets on the market with different price points and features.

Check them out to find the one that best suits your personal style and offers the most comfort.

Sena Latitude Snow Helmet S1/SX/SR: Best Connectivity 

on Amazon

Sena is known for its incredible Bluetooth and intercom systems, which are used on a multitude of helmets. So, it was a no-brainer to add their popular Sena Latitude Snow Helmet S1 to the list.

Not only is it stylish, but its four-way intercom system is also perfect if you have family or friends joining you. This helmet allows you to stay connected over a range of up to  0.6 miles.

The Bluetooth system has a talk time of up to eight hours, and it recharges quickly in under three hours. You can also connect your phone to the device, giving you the option to make phone calls, listen to music, and follow along with GPS prompts.

The helmet features a clamp system to tighten it for a good fit. Plus, there are several adjustable venting ports for maximum comfort.


  • Adjustable vents for optimal airflow and a clamp system for a good fit
  • Powerful Bluetooth and intercom system
  • The intercom system can link with four other devices
  • Strong ABS molding shell for protection
  • Good value for the money


  • It can feel exhausting after prolonged usage
  • The phone button is a bit small, making it hard to find with winter gloves

LIVALL Ski Helmet, RS1 Smart Snowboard Helmet: Best Overall

on Amazon

The LIVALL Ski Helmet, RS1 Smart Snowboard Helmet is jam-packed with features, making it one of the most innovative helmets available.

With all this tech integrated into the helmet, the battery is heat resistant, making it last longer in cold temperatures. It even exceeds the Sena with an impressive 16-hour talk time and 48-hour standby time for its Bluetooth system.

One of the first things you’ll spot is the huge Push To Talk (PTT) button on the side, which makes it easy for wearers to talk to their friends via walkie-talkie. The PTT button also serves as a phone answering button when you connect your device via Bluetooth.

However, one of the most significant features of the helmet is its fall detection system. This feature is designed to send a GPS notification to emergency contacts in case of a crash or any sort of emergency.


  • Built-in mic for PTT feature
  • Has Fall detection, which activates an SOS feature 
  • Adjustable dial at the back for a snug fit
  • Heat-resistant battery for longer sessions
  • 16-hour talk time and 48-hour standby time


  • A bit expensive 

POC Obex Spin Communication Snow Helmet: Best Splurge

on Amazon

POC as a brand is well-known within the snowboarding community, thanks to its goggles and helmets. So, it’s only natural that their brand would make it on our list.

The POC Obex Spin Communication Snow Helmet is one of their most recommended helmets because of its many high-quality features and functions. To start, this helmet comes with audio integration with a mic and speaker system that enables the wearer to have cell phone connectivity and make phone calls and listen to music over the Bluetooth system.

In addition, it’s safety-forward. Made with an EPS liner, a PC shell, and an ABS top shell, this helmet guarantees you’d be protected in case of a fall.

POC also integrated their proprietary Shearing Pad INside (SPIN) silicone pad technology system inside the helmet. This system makes sure the wearer’s head has an extra layer of protection without hindering their movement or feeling bulky.


  • Built-in mic and speaker
  • EPS liner and ABS top shell for maximum protection
  • Adjustable chin strap
  • Adjustable vents for controlled ventilation and goggle fogging prevention
  • Lightweight making it comfortable for prolonged use


  • High price tag compared to others on the list

Audio Compatible Systems

Not all helmets have Bluetooth systems built-in. However, some feature what’s called “audio compatible.” 

These helmets offer the best safety features possible but have pockets on each side where you can insert audio pucks providing Bluetooth capabilities.

Below you’ll find some great picks in case your budget or personal style doesn’t align with the previous options.

TurboSke Snowboard Helmet: Best Audio Compatible Helmet

on Amazon

The TurboSke Snowboard Helmet is highly sought-after. It works great in the cold, like when you’re skiing and snowboarding. Not only that, but the internal liner can be removed so that you can wear it when temperatures warm up.

Like previous helmets, the TurboSke helmet has an adjustable dial and a user-friendly magnetic buckle that ensure that the helmet fits comfortably. Both the dial and buckle are so easy to use that the company boasts that users can unlock them with one hand while wearing a glove!

However, one of the most important features is the ear pads with pockets that can accommodate aftermarket audio systems. This keeps this helmet cheap while offering the customer the option of adding an audio system later on.

It’s also a blessing because if the audio system breaks down for any reason, the owner can just replace it without needing to change the helmet.


  • The internal liner can be removed for year-round use
  • Adjustable dial
  • Magnetic buckle for a snug fit
  • Ear pads come with pockets
  • Relatively priced


  • Some users state that the sound quality isn’t what they’d expect for the price

Wildhorn Alta: Best Drop-In Headphones

on Amazon

The Wildhorn Alta Wireless Bluetooth Helmet Drop-in Headphones can turn any audio-compatible helmet into one with Bluetooth capabilities.

They work great with both iOS and Android devices. Plus, they can play music, as well as receive and answer calls thanks to its built-in mic.

If you’re worried about battery life, the Wildhorn Alta has a listening time of up to 10 hours. As a result, they’re long-lasting, reliable, and easy to use.

Their three-button design makes them easy to navigate and use even if you’re wearing gloves! 

Though, they’re less affordable than other picks on our list. So, that’s one thing to consider when choosing a helmet. However, many users have reported that they’re a worthy investment, thanks to their high-quality audio and durable design.


  • Up to 10 hours of listening time
  • Built-in mic for added convenience
  • Works equally well with both iOS and Android
  • Three-button design for ease-of-use
  • Durable design


  • Pricey

How To Pick a Snowboard Helmet

There are so many different helmets available, all with one end goal: to protect your head.

While they may not be the most fashion-forward gear, they’re essential when you’re out on the snow. After all, head injuries aren’t the most fun experience to go through.

Below is a checklist to keep in mind when picking a helmet for your head.

Take a look.


To figure out your size, you’ll need to:

  1. First, get a soft measuring tape and measure the circumference of your head.
  2. Start an inch above your eyebrows and go around the widest part of your head.
  3. If you don’t have a soft measure, use a string to get the circumference and mark it against a standard measuring tape. 
  4. Once you get your measurement, check the size chart of the brand you’re considering. Remember, sizes can differ from one brand to another.


The helmet should be snug on your head. At the same time, it also shouldn’t be too tight. Here’s how you can make sure of that:

  1. Once you pick the helmet of your size, put it on and tighten any adjusters found on the helmet.
  2. Then, with your hands on the helmet, wiggle it back and forth. You should feel your head moving with it. If your eyebrows move up and down when you do this, that’s a good indicator you’ve found a good fit.
  3. Next, shake your head side-to-side. The helmet should be snug and not shift at all. If it does, you need to look for a smaller size.
  4. Also, make sure that there are no air pockets between your head and the helmet itself. 


Similar to how the helmet should be snug, the chinstrap or buckle should also provide a comfortable fit as well. It might be an irritating add-on, but it’s there to make sure the helmet doesn’t go flying off while you’re electric skateboarding.

To ensure a comfortable fit, lock the strap and fasten it to your chin. It should provide a tight hold on the edge of your jaw. At the same time, it shouldn’t affect your chewing or breathing.


Snow helmets are constructed from materials so that they’d be able to withstand a powerful impact, and that’s due to the helmets’ internal construction.

However, some higher-end models can take several hits. At the end of the day, if the helmet gets cracked, it needs to be replaced.

There are two types of helmets when it comes to construction.


These models have EPS high-density shock-absorbing foam bonded directly to the shell of the helmets as a mold forms the foam.

This process creates a cohesive helmet that’s both lightweight and comfortable.


For these models, the ABS foam is already formed outside the helmet and then glued to the internal part of the polycarbonate shell, creating a two-piece system.

Due to the two highly durable materials, this design is much more hard-wearing compared to the other.


This one will come down to your own personal preference. That’s because there are so many different designs of helmets.

There’s also a wide array of features. The most common include removable ear pads, adjustable vents, colors, designs, brims, Bluetooth connectivity, and speakers.

Ultimately, the deciding factors will come down to your taste and budget.


Your head is one of the most vital parts of your body, and head trauma isn’t something to be taken lightly.

Luckily, there are all kinds of different helmets on the market. Our favorite is the Sena one, thanks to its value for money, protection, and powerful intercom system.

So, always take good care of your helmet. If you find any cracks, remember to replace your old helmet to ensure you’re well taken care of every time you go out eskating!

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