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OMW Cavalry Review

A powerhouse electric skateboard capable of any riding style.

OMW Cavalry

Best Features

Top Speed: 37mph / 60kmh

Range: Upto 52 miles / 80km

Insanely fast

Incredible stability

Loads of modifications available


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Hey eSkaters!

Today we’re taking a look at the brand new OMW Cavalry. It’s the debut release from this brand and I have to say I am very impressed considering this is their first introduction to the eSkate scene.

With a price tag of US$1599, it offers exceptional value to those looking for an electric skateboard that is going to last a long time.

OMW are so confident about their product that they offer a lifetime warranty on the deck, a 12 month warranty on everything else and guarantee 5,000km on the AT wheels.

So, let’s take a closer look in my OMW Cavalry review and see if it lives up to its expectations.

OMW Cavalry box contents

OMW Cavalry Review

Deck and Design

OMW understands that not every rider is the same, so they offer three deck options with varying flex. This is already the first sign of the amount of attention to detail OMW have given to the Cavalry.

At 44.5″ long, the CAVALRY offers ample foot space for carving and stability. The drop-through and slight dropdown deck design lowers your centre of gravity, making you feel like one with the board, enhancing control and minimising wobbles. And the raised edges of the deck lock your feet in and give you even more control over the board when making hard and fast turns.

At each “corner” of the deck, there is a protective rubber padding, almost like bumpers, which are there to add extra protection from rocks and debris when you’re riding hard and sketchy off road trails.

OMW aren’t set on this grip tape. In fact, they’re running a competition where you can create a grip tape design and if you win, your design will be featured on the Cavalry and you’ll also win yourself one too!

OMW Cavalry underneath


The OMW CAVALRY doesn’t leave your ride to chance when it comes to wheels. It boasts a trio of terrain-taming options to conquer any concrete jungle or off road trail you throw its way.

For the adventure seekers:

  • 7″ AT pneumatic wheels: These are the all-terrain warriors, ready to chomp through gravel, dirt paths, and even light grass. OMW promises a staggering 5,000km on paved roads on these bad boys, so you can roam far and wide without worry. And with alloy wheel hubs, they shrug off bumps and grinds with ease.

For the street stylers:

  • 6″ ST pneumatic wheels: These are the nimble navigators, carving up less-than-perfect streets with precision and grace. They offer a balance between comfort, control and speed, soaking up road imperfections while keeping you firmly in command. Again, the alloy hubs ensure these wheels are built to last.
  • These also benefit from the 5,000km wheel warranty offered by OMW.

For the pure speed demons:

  • 97mm PU wheels: These are the sleek speedsters, designed to blur the lines between pavement and pure velocity. Imagine gliding silently like a phantom, slicing through the air with minimal rolling resistance. Just be prepared for a slightly firmer ride – but hey, that’s the trade-off for feeling the wind in your hair.

No matter your riding style, the CAVALRY has the perfect set of wheels to match. Whether you’re carving up the commute, exploring hidden trails, or chasing that adrenaline rush, you can roll with confidence knowing these wheels are up for the challenge.

OMW Cavalry 7" wheels


The OMW Cavalry is equipped with 9.5″ DKP trucks that help keep you steady at high speeds but offer the freedom to carve.

The secret sauce lies in the perfectly dialed bushings. Not too soft, not too hard, they find that sweet spot where you feel confident taking corners with precision, yet never teetering on the edge of a dreaded speed wobble. I pushed the CAVALRY close to its limits, carving tight circles and bombing down hills, and not once did I feel that unsettling shimmy – just pure, controlled shredding bliss.

OMW Cavalry DKP trucks

Battery and Range

The CAVALRY doesn’t skimp on juice. It rocks a hefty 21700 Samsung 50S 12S4P 20Ah 864Wh battery, which translates to serious range and performance

In the real-world it’s getting these distances: up to 55km/34miles on 7″ wheels, 52km/32miles on 6″ wheels, and a remarkable 85km/52miles on the 97mm PU wheels. No matter your preferred wheel setup, you’ll have ample battery to explore and shred for extended periods.

But power isn’t just about distance. The CAVALRY’s battery delivers efficient power delivery, ensuring smooth acceleration and responsive performance whether you’re cruising or carving it up. The choice of reliable Samsung 50S cells adds another layer of confidence, known for their ability to handle the demands of electric skateboards.

In short, the CAVALRY’s battery is a no-nonsense workhorse. It gives you the freedom to roam, the power to carve, and the peace of mind to know you won’t run out of juice when the adventure calls.

OMW Cavalry riding

Motors, Speed, and Hill Climbing

The OMW CAVALRY isn’t messing around when it comes to power. It packs two powerful belt-drive motors, propelling you forward with some serious muscle. They provide a top speed of upto 60km/h (37mph), so hold on tight! While I didn’t personally max it out (safety first!), the throttle had tons of room to spare, hinting at its potential for speed demons.

These motors are also hill-climbing beasts, officially rated for conquering slopes up to 40%. In real-world terms, you’d be hard-pressed to find a hill that steep. I put it to the test on a 15% incline, and it effortlessly powered up at 30km/h without even breaking a sweat.

Think of these motors as your personal turbochargers, giving you effortless acceleration and the ability to tackle any incline with ease. Whether you’re cruising through the city or exploring hidden trails, the CAVALRY’s motors have the muscle to take you wherever you want to go.

OMW Cavalry motors

ESC and Remote

The OMW CAVALRY is a finely tuned machine controlled by a command centre worthy of its raw power: the Hobbywing 9028 ESC and its sleek OLED remote.

Forget fiddling with physical settings. The CAVALRY seamlessly integrates with a mobile app, allowing you to customise performance, monitor stats, and even unlock hidden features directly from your smartphone. And when it’s time to roll, Smart ON/OFF technology activates the board the moment you step on, eliminating awkward power button fumbles.

The OLED remote serves as your crisp window into the CAVALRY’s performance, displaying crucial details like speed, distance, and battery levels. Unleash the thrill with four distinct speed modes, ranging from Mode 1 for casual cruising to Mode 4 for unleashing your inner speed demon.

It has cruise control so you can coast on long straight stretches without a care in the world. Reverse for those moments you get yourself into a pickle and need to back up a bit. And if you get yourself the optional add-on lights, you can control them right from the remote.

In my experience, the CAVALRY’s higher speed modes delivered exhilarating acceleration, transforming the board into a premium electric experience with precise throttle control. Beginners can ease in with mellow lower modes, while strong brakes ensure controlled stops, even at high speeds.

OMW Cavalry remote

Ride Experience and Overall Quality

The Cavalry seems like an electric skateboard that OMW have been researching and developing for a very long time.

It’s almost like they’ve watched the market, picked out all of the good things from all the electric skateboards out there, while also taking note of the bad things and making sure they don’t make the same mistakes as other eSkate companies.

It feel effortless to ride. You just sway from side to side and the board coasts with you. The acceleration is punchy, kicking in hard, so you need to be prepared. But the throttle has so much control, you can ease on the accelerator without any jerkiness or dropouts.

The brakes come on hard and fast so make sure you’re ready for them, because there were a handful of moments where I forgot how good these brakes were and I nearly ended A-over-T.

OMW Cavalry riding

Final Thoughts

The OMW CAVALRY isn’t just an electric skateboard; it’s a statement. It’s a declaration of freedom, a promise of thrilling exploration, and a testament to meticulous engineering. From its robust deck and versatile wheels to its powerhouse motors and intuitive controls, every detail screams quality and performance.

If you crave adrenaline-pumping performance, intuitive control, and the confidence to conquer any terrain, the OMW CAVALRY is ready to transport you to a world of endless possibilities.

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OMW Cavalry riding

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