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Meepo Voyager Review

A Boosted-style electric skateboard, but better.

Meepo Voyager Electric Skateboard

Best Features

Top Speed: 40mph / 64kmh

Range: 24 miles / 38km

Amazing performance

Extra wheel options

Flexy deck is super comfortable


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Meepo Voyager is essentially one of the flagship products of the company.

Where the Meepo Hurricane is the king of the off-road, the Meepo Voyager is the king of the street.

This electric longboard will reliably take you where you need to be, FAST. 

The Voyager electric skateboard packs a lot of speed and power and has plenty of juice to last long distances.

My Meepo Voyager Review was just as entertaining to write as it was to ride because I’m so stoked to share this eboard with you. Let’s go!

Meepo Voyager Review: Features

There are two variations of the Voyager: the Voyager S and the Voyager X.

Whenever I mention Voyager without being specific, the feature exists in both models. If there is a difference between the two, I’ll be sure to distinguish them as we go along.

Board Deck

Meepo decided to replace its rigid maple deck, with a composite of bamboo and fiberglass. The resulting product is a strong and flexible deck that stretches under your weight without feeling limp.

The elastic rebound is energetic or strong as if the board is pushing your feet back up, without the bouncing around.

Despite being flexible, the deck is still quite strong and can carry up to 330lbs / 150kg of weight.

However, unlike other Meepo Models like the Meepo Mini 2S, Voyager doesn’t have a rubber protecting rim surrounding the bamboo deck. So try your best not to hit anything, or you might end up with some marks on the wood.

deck profile with concave shape


The Meepo Voyager’s battery capacity is second only to the Meepo Hurricane.

The S model features a tasty 12S2P 345.6 Wh battery that can last up to 24 miles / 38km per charge.

Or you could opt for the Voyager X model, where you’ll get an even bigger battery of 12S3P 518 Wh and a longer maximum range of 36 miles / 60km!

And both the S and X models are using the high-capacity Samsung 40T cells which is nice to see.

battery enclosure of the meepo voyager


The motors are one of the Voyager’s strong points.

The dual belt-drive motors of 2775W power this electric board, allowing a top speed of 40mph / 64kmh.

And it’s absolutely insane. I did not at all have the guts to push it that far, but rest assured the speed is eye-watering.

With a belt-drive motor, the Voyager’s torque and acceleration are pretty high, allowing for great flexibility even for hill climbing.

The belt-drive motor has the same acceleration and torque power at all speed levels; the only thing that changes is its top speed.

One thing to note here is that belt-drive motors, in general, have that whizzing sound when you ride. If that’s something you want to avoid, you could check out the Meepo Shuffle S which is a similar electric skateboard, except that it has hub motors.

belt drive motors of the meepo boyager

Trucks and Bushings

The Meepo Voyager has reverse kingpin (RKP) trucks which offer a great turn radius and are especially effective for electric longboards like the Voyager. 

The hinge of the design is angled at 50°, which is slightly more than other Meepo products like the Shuffle S, which stands at 45°. The extra angulation compensates for the longer board and contributes to better shock absorption. 

As for the bushings, both the front and rear busing utilize 78A soft bushings to make the ride even smoother. Despite being bigger than other models, the Voyager feels a lot smoother to ride because of the deck and bushing flexibility.


Voyager comes with 90 mm polyurethane street wheels.

These wheels are soft enough to squish when they roll over rough obstacles to prevent transmitting the shock to your feet.

On the other hand, the surface is sticky enough to hold on to the road without slipping.

The Voyager can also accommodate other wheels, like Caguamas or Cloudwheels, so you can play around to get the ride feel you want.

Bigger wheels like the 110 mm Cyclone wheels that Meepo have developed especially for the Voyager (and compatible with other eboards) are dream to ride with.

The larger size and softness eat almost all vibrations from the road and can go over even bigger bumps without issues.

riding the meepo voyager with 90mm street wheels


The remote is probably the only underwhelming aspect of the whole board. It feels like Meepo put all its attention on the quality of board material but forgot about the remote.

Voyager uses the M5S remote control, which works ideally but is just light and a bit plasticky. It doesn’t have that premium feel or finish you sense when holding the board itself. 

The mango-coloured remote arguably is the coolest thing about it.

I do like that it’s easy to see when I go to grab all my stuff for a ride. I tend to lose the black remotes in plain sight. But with the M5S remote, you can’t not see it.

It has a trusty thumbwheel throttle and two multifunctional buttons, one for power on/off and the other to cycle through the four speed modes.

Meepo M5S Remote for the Voyager


You get the standard 42V 3A fast charger in the box when you purchase the Voyager standard or X models.

This charger can fill up the S model in 2.5 hours and the X model in 4 hours. Those 4 hours might turn you away from the X model but remember…36 miles!

You can reduce the charging time even more if you purchase the premium 42V 8A fast charger. That high-power charger will fill up the S model in around an hour and the X model in 2 hours.

At the time of writing this review, the 8A charger costs $128.99, which is a spicy price tag. It’s also bulky and not portable, but the entire Voyager line isn’t designed for portability anyway.

meepo voyager fast charger

Customer Reviews

The Meepo Voyager is still relatively new, so there are only two other customer reviews so far.

But it’s safe to say, they loved it too.

Customer Review: 5 stars. Insane power. Excellent control.
Customer Review: 5 stars: Great board with incredible torque! It's a little monster!

Final Thoughts

That settles our Meepo Voyager review.

All in all, this is a reliable electric board for relatively long commutes across most terrains. 

The premium Samsung battery and the highly-powered belt-drive motors will ensure fantastic torque, acceleration, and top speed.

On the other hand, the soft bushings, angled trucks, and flexible bamboo deck provide a smooth ride that won’t fatigue your feet.

The Meepo Voyager is more than worth it.

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riding the meepo voyager

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