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Maxfind FF Pro Review

A comfortable eBoard that you can quickly and easily extend the range.

Maxfind FF Pro

Best Features

Top Speed: 28mph / 45kmh

Range: 27 miles / 45km

Comfortable to ride

Rides really quiet

Great balance of power and safety


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Hey eSkaters!

I’ve just stepped off the Maxfind FF Pro and I am quite impressed by its capabilities.

It is an electric skateboard that will suit intermediate riders with varying riding styles, from hard carvers, to daily commuters and even weekend cruisers.

For US$749, it offers incredible value and convenience that other eBoards don’t come close to.

So let’s dive into the Maxfind FF Pro electric skateboard review and see what it can and can’t do.

Maxfind FF Pro box contents

Maxfind FF Pro Review

Deck and Design

The Maxfind FF Pro boasts a deck that’s as impressive as its performance. At 41″ long, it offers ample foot space for comfortable cruising and carving, even for larger riders. The X-composite and glass fiber construction ensures a sturdy yet flexible platform that absorbs bumps and vibrations like a champ, making your ride smooth and enjoyable. The frosting material coating adds a touch of cool sophistication, while also hiding fingerprints and scuffs.

But the FF Pro isn’t just about good looks. Its integrated electronics give it a clean, streamlined silhouette, free from clunky wires and external boxes. This not only enhances the aesthetics but also contributes to its impressive 24lbs weight, making it lighter than many comparable boards.

Maxfind FF Pro underneath

Another design highlight is the rubber grip tape. It’s grippy enough to keep your feet firmly planted in any situation, but without the harshness of traditional grip tape that can be unforgiving on fingers and clothes. And when you need to take a break from riding, the built-in carry handle at the nose comes in handy. No more awkward board juggling – simply grab and drag like a pro.

Maxfind FF Pro rubber griptape

The quick-swap battery system is another genius touch. Popping out the battery for a recharge or replacement takes mere seconds, so you can extend your adventures by carrying an extra pack without breaking a sweat. And even if you get caught in a sudden downpour, the IPX5 water resistance will keep your ride and your electronics safe.

Maxfind FF Pro Quick Swap battery system

Overall, the Maxfind FF Pro’s deck and design are a testament to thoughtful engineering and keen attention to detail. It’s a perfect blend of functionality and style, offering a comfortable and confidence-inspiring platform for intermediate riders to push their limits and explore the urban landscape in style.

Maxfind FF Pro Handle


The Maxfind FF Pro comes equipped with 96mm polyurethane street wheels, designed to strike a balance between grip, speed, and comfort. These wheels shine on smooth pavement, offering excellent grip for carving and hard cornering, allowing you to navigate urban environments with confidence and precision. They provide a stable and predictable ride, perfect for intermediate riders honing their skills.

However, while grip is their strength, there are some limitations. Rolling over loose gravel or pebbles can get a little sketchy, requiring some adjustments in your riding style. For those venturing beyond perfectly paved paths, Maxfind offers the option to upgrade to 110mm Cloudwheels. These larger, softer wheels offer superior shock absorption and grip on rougher terrain, making them ideal for tackling dirt trails, cobbled streets, and even mild off-road adventures.

Choosing between the stock wheels and Cloudwheels depends on your intended riding style and environment. If you primarily stick to smooth surfaces and prioritize agility, the 96mm street wheels are a great choice. But if you crave versatility and the option to explore beyond the pavement, the Cloudwheels are a worthwhile upgrade.

Ultimately, the Maxfind FF Pro’s wheel options cater to diverse riding preferences. The stock wheels provide an excellent starting point for intermediate riders, while the Cloudwheel upgrade unlocks a wider range of terrain and riding styles. No matter your choice, you’re guaranteed a smooth and enjoyable roll, tailored to your personal riding experience.

Maxfind FF Pro riding and showing front wheels


The Maxfind FF Pro takes stability and control seriously, thanks to its impressive 11.4″ double kingpin trucks. CNC precision-machined from high-quality materials, these trucks offer exceptional strength and responsiveness, ensuring you stay confident and in command while carving, bombing hills, or navigating tight corners.

The drop-through deck further enhances stability by lowering the center of gravity, providing a planted feel that inspires confidence at higher speeds. This design also contributes to the board’s overall agility, making it nimble and reactive for carving and quick maneuvers.

Maxfind FF Pro front trucks

While the overall truck setup is impressive, there are a couple of minor caveats to consider. The close proximity of the nut on the deckside truck to another bolt necessitates the use of a spanner (which, thankfully, Maxfind thoughtfully includes in the box) for adjustments. This minor inconvenience is a trade-off for the added stability and precision of the double kingpin setup.

Another thing to note is the exposed cables running from the ESC to the motors on the rear truck. While they didn’t pose any issues during my ride, the lack of protection or cable clamps does raise a concern about potential snags on debris or sticks. A simple cable guard or zip ties could easily address this and provide peace of mind on rougher terrain.

Maxfind FF Pro rear trucks

As an intermediate rider myself, I found the trucks on the Maxfind FF Pro to be a delightful surprise. The initial setup might have felt a bit loose at first, but that translated into surprisingly smooth carving and agile turns. I was able to lean into hard carves and even pull off complete U-turns without feeling wobbly or unstable. This looseness didn’t come at the expense of high-speed confidence, though. I managed to push the board close to its limits without a single hint of speed wobbles, a testament to the trucks’ strength and precision.

Battery and Range

The Maxfind FF Pro isn’t just about flashy aesthetics and smooth carving – it’s also fuelled by a powerful and convenient battery system designed to take you further and keep you rolling. Nestled neatly within the deck is a SAMSUNG 12S3P, 8.7Ah, 376Wh, 48V battery pack, a powerhouse ready to unleash its energy for your urban expeditions.

But the FF Pro’s battery is more than just powerful. It’s also incredibly intelligent and user-friendly. The fully enclosed design protects the battery from bumps and spills, while the quick-swap system lets you extend your range in seconds. Simply pop out the spent battery and pop in a fresh one – no tools or fuss required. This is a game-changer, allowing you to explore further, conquer hills, and keep the riding fun going without feeling range anxiety.

Speaking of range, the Maxfind FF Pro boasts a fairly decent 27 miles (45km) on a single charge. However, your actual mileage may vary depending on factors like rider weight, terrain, riding style, and even weather conditions. The good news is that even if you push the limits, the regenerative braking system helps top up the battery on downhill stretches, squeezing out every possible mile for your adventures.

And when you finally do need to refuel, the 3-hour fast charging system comes to the rescue. Plug it in while you grab a coffee or run errands, and you’ll be back on the road in no time. This rapid recharge time ensures minimal downtime, maximising your riding enjoyment and keeping you exploring the city’s hidden gems.

Maxfind FF Pro battery area

Motors, Speed, and Hill Climbing

The Maxfind FF Pro isn’t just about getting you from point A to point B – it’s about injecting thrills and conquering your urban landscape with pure power. Underneath that sleek deck lie two 1000W hub motors, a potent duo ready to unleash an adrenaline rush with every push of the throttle.

These dual motors translate into a seriously speedy ride. While the marketed top speed of 28 Mph (45 Kph) is impressive, our own experience speaks volumes. Hitting 35kmh with room to spare in the throttle leaves no doubt that the FF Pro can reach its claimed peak under the right conditions. This raw power isn’t just for bragging rights – it lets you effortlessly navigate inclines, zip past traffic, and leave fellow commuters in your dust.

The hill climbing ability, while likely not quite reaching the advertised 35% (which is indeed incredibly steep!), still packs a punch. Conquering a 15% grade at 20kmh is no easy feat, and showcases the board’s impressive ability to tackle inclines that would leave lesser boards wheezing. This makes navigating hilly cityscapes or even venturing beyond the pavement a breeze, opening up your riding possibilities and adding a whole new dimension of fun to your commute.

Maxfind FF Pro hub motors

ESC and Remote

The Maxfind FF Pro isn’t just a collection of impressive hardware – it’s a finely tuned machine, controlled by a powerful brain and an intuitive interface. Behind the scenes, the Hobbywing 3.0 ESC acts as the mastermind, managing power delivery and ensuring a smooth, safe, and exhilarating ride.

This ESC shines in its ability to translate your every throttle nudge into precise bursts of power. You won’t find any jerky accelerations or sluggish responses here – the FF Pro delivers a silky smooth yet potent thrust, propelling you forward with exhilarating confidence. But power without control is nothing, and the ESC ensures you have both. Braking is equally impressive, feeling strong and reassuring, whether you need a gentle slowdown or a quick panic stop. This confidence-inspiring control lets you push your limits and explore the city with peace of mind.

Maxfind FF Pro ESC compartment

Bridging the gap between your thoughts and the board’s actions is the intuitive remote. Responsive and predictable, it reacts exactly as you’d expect, translating your every flick and press into precise maneuvers. This lets you weave through traffic, carve tight corners, and navigate even the most intricate urban obstacles with laser-sharp accuracy.

The convenient OLED display on the remote serves as your real-time dashboard, showing you everything you need to know at a glance. Current speed, speed mode, trip distance, odometer, riding direction, and even individual battery levels for the remote and board – it’s all there, keeping you informed and in control. This level of detailed feedback further enhances your riding experience, allowing you to optimize your performance and plan your adventures with ease.

Maxfind FF Pro remote

Ride Experience and Overall Quality

From the moment I stepped onto the Maxfind FF Pro, I knew it was something special. The deck flex felt natural and inviting, like an extension of my own legs. The concave shape provided just the right grip under my feet, and the rubber grip tape was so grippy and comfortable, it instantly boosted my confidence.

As I pushed off, the acceleration kicked in smoothly, not with a jerk, but with a powerful surge that had me grinning from ear to ear. It was thrilling without being scary, and thanks to the responsive ESC and powerful brakes, I always felt in complete control.

The combination of the soft bushings and the loose trucks was pure magic. Carving tight corners and carving graceful lines felt effortless, like dancing through the city streets. I surprised myself with my newfound carving skills, thanks to the board’s intuitive handling and smooth response.

And the quick-swap battery system? It’s a game-changer! Swapping out the battery was so easy and fast, I felt like I could extend my rides indefinitely. Now I’m seriously considering getting an extra battery to keep in my backpack for those epic weekend adventures.

The build quality is top-notch, everything feels solid and well-made. The sleek design turns heads wherever you go, and the performance? It’s exhilarating without being intimidating, perfect for intermediate riders like myself who crave both thrills and practicality.

Riding the Maxfind FF Pro.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Maxfind FF Pro is more than just a board; it’s an experience. It’s the freedom to carve through the city streets, the confidence to conquer hills, and the joy of exploring beyond the usual paths. It’s a blend of power, style, and practicality that leaves you grinning from ear to ear and longing for your next ride.

The Maxfind FF Pro isn’t for everyone, but it perfectly captures the hearts of two distinct rider types:

The Thrill-Seeking Carver: If you crave the exhilarating rush of carving tight corners and manoeuvring with precision, the FF Pro’s loose trucks, soft bushings, and grippy deck will have you dancing through the streets like a seasoned pro. The powerful acceleration and smooth control let you push your limits safely, turning every city block into your personal playground.

The Practical Adventurer: Beyond the thrills, the FF Pro shines in its practicality. The quick-swap battery system lets you extend your adventures to new horizons, while the IPX5 water resistance and sturdy build ensure you can face whatever the urban landscape throws your way. Comfortable carving, reliable performance, and the ability to go further – it’s the perfect companion for daily commutes and weekend explorations alike.

Ultimately, the Maxfind FF Pro is for riders who want both style and substance. It’s a potent blend of exhilarating performance, intuitive handling, and practical features that turns your ride into an unforgettable experience. If you’re an intermediate rider looking for an electric skateboard that takes you further, lets you carve deeper, and makes every journey an adventure, the Maxfind FF Pro is an invitation you won’t want to refuse.

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Riding the Maxfind FF Pro.

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