The Best Electric Skateboards on Amazon

Sometimes it's hard to find the best products on Amazon because there is simply so much stuff on there. So, I made this list to help you find the best electric skateboard Amazon has to offer.
The Best Electric Skateboards on Amazon

Why Buy an Electric Skateboard on Amazon?

The main reason you would want to buy from Amazon is because they put their customers at the forefront of their success.

This benefits you because if you have any issues with your board, you’ll be able to go to Amazon to get help rather than tearing your hair out trying to get a response from one of the Chinese manufacturers.

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Evolve Bamboo GTR Street

The overall best electric skateboard on Amazon

The best specs, the build, the best riding feel.



Evolve boards are one of the most popular electric skateboard brands in the world.

And the Bamboo GTR is part of the reason why.

It sits at the top of its category with a top speed of 26mph (42kmh) and a range of 31 miles (50km).

The Evolve team designed this board to be fun and is equally as good for carving on as it is for commuting to work.

You can easily swap the wheels between AT and street for even more versatility of the board.

The customer service and after-sales support you get from Evolve are second to none with repair agents and distribution centres all around the world.

However, you do pay for all of the bells and whistles. The Evolve Bamboo GTR is not a cheap board.

It’s a board for an intermediate to advanced rider. So if you’ve never ridden an electric skateboard before, you might want to consider getting something a little cheaper to test out the waters before pulling the trigger and a big purchase like this.

Backfire G2T all angles

The best value electric skateboard on Amazon

Quality components, great specs, affordable price.



Not only is the Backfire G2T one of the best electric skateboards on Amazon, but it is arguably one of the best entry-level eboards in general.

If you’re looking for your first board, the G2T could be the way to go because it is easy to learn on while also offering enough power for you to grow into, making it a board that will serve you well for a long time.

Backfire Boards are a respected company by almost all eskaters so you’ll fit right in on group rides.

At a 23mph (37kmh) top speed, it’s not the fasted electric skateboard out there, but for most riders, it’s more than enough.

But it does have a turbo mode that gives an extra boost of torque and top speed up to 28mph (45kmh) for 30 seconds with a cool down period of 30 seconds. 

It has a range of 15 miles (25km) which is probably enough to get you all the way to work. Or at least to your nearest train station.

Unlike other Chinese manufacturers, Backfire use top quality components in their boards. This makes them durable and not likely to break down on you.

Teamgee H5 electric skateboard

The beach-bum electric skateboard of Amazon

The thin deck makes it look like a regular longboard.



This is the kind of electric skateboard that makes you want to cruise along the beachfront from sunset to sunrise.

The Teamgee H5 is carvy, has a solid deck and doesn’t even look like an electric skateboard.

All of the electronics are housed inside the deck so it looks just like any other longboard.

It has a top speed of 22mph (35kmh) and a range of 11 miles (18km) which is the sweet spot for crusing effortlessly.

Only downside to enclosed electronics is that it makes it difficult to get in there if you want to upgrade the battery. If that doesn’t bother you, then this could be the board for you.

It’s also an Amazon Prime product so you can get free shipping anywhere in the US.

Verreal F1 electric skateboard

The super affordable electric skateboard on Amazon

A board for beginners looking to dip their toe into eskateing.



The Verreal F1 is a super affordable electric skateboard on Amazon.

But the cheap price doesn’t mean a low performance board.

It still packs a top speed of 25mph (40kmh) and has a range of 11 miles (18km).

Great for beginners and intermediate riders because of the slight dropdown in the deck and raised edges for a solid footlock, keeping you sturdy on the board.

Swagtron Swagskate NG2

The most unique electric skateboard on Amazon

No need for a remote. Control the speed with your bodyweight.



This might just be the most unique electric skateboard on Amazon.

First of all, the Swagskate NG2 is designed for beginners and younger riders in their early teens.

The cool thing about it is that you don’t need a remote in your hand to control it.

You simply lean forward to accelerate and lean back to brake. 

But you also get the option to use a remote if you want to.

At a top speed of 18mph, it’s not the fastest on the market but it still has a decent range of 11 miles (18km).

So it’s definitely a board for leisurely rides with friends or cruising on the weekends.

An affordable carving electric skateboard on Amazon

Top of the line setup at a fraction of the price.



The Raldey 3.0 uses the same truck’s setup as Evolve which makes it great for carving.

It has a top speed of 23mph (38kmh) but lacks in the range department with 9 miles (15km).

It’s a fun board for riding hard for short stints, but the range just isn’t there to be a proper commuter board, unless of course, you don’t have far to go.

Vestar Mini electric skateboard

A compact electric skateboard on Amazon

Small and nimble. Ideal for short trip around town.



The Vestar Mini is the best value electric skateboard on Amazon.

It shares the same design as the Boosted Mini with a few differences. It uses hub motors instead of belt drives, has a handle on the kicktail and has a longer range of 15 miles (24km). The top speed doesn’t quite match up but at 18mph (30kmh), it still packs a punch for a small board.

I love that it is small so it’s easy to carry around when you’re not riding it and you can easily put it under your desk at work or school.

RazorX Cruiser electric skateboard for kids

A compact electric skateboard on Amazon

Small and nimble. Ideal for short trip around town.



This is a great little electric skateboard for children.

I remember getting my first bicycle and how much joy it brought me. I can only imagine how kids these days would feel getting on an eboard for the first time.

The RazorX Cruiser is a small, single motor powered board which means it won’t have all the power that other electric skateboards have which is probably a good thing for kids.

Skatebolt 2nd Gen Tornado Pro electric skateboard

The most overlooked electric skateboard on Amazon

Powerful, solid and affordable.



The Skatebolt 2nd Gen is also known as the Skatebolt Tornado Pro.

This is one of the most overlooked electric skateboards on Amazon.

It has a top speed of 25mph (40kmh) and a range of 22 miles (35km) which are specs that sit above most other eboards on Amazon.

It’s a stiff deck making it steady at high speeds, but you give up a little bit of comfort at lower speeds. A lot of riders prefer a stiff deck, so this comes down to preference.

It also has built-in taillights for added safety and an LED display remote to show you important information.

Unlimited x Loaded Cruiser Icarus

The most overlooked electric skateboard on Amazon

Powerful, solid and affordable.



Loaded are one of the best, if not the best, longboard deck makers in the game. Now they’ve partnered up with Unlimited to bring you an electric skateboard.

The Loaded x Unlimited Cruiser has a top speed of 23mph (37kmh) and a range of 13 miles (21km).

But the thing that makes this electric skateboard so good is the deck. You really have to ride one to understand, but ultimately it gives you a solid and balanced ride where you always feel in control.

An amazing cruiser ideal for commuting in comfort and carving it up on the weekends.

Boosted Mini X ekateboard

A mini electric skateboard on Amazon

Small and powerful ideal for short trips and taking public transport.



Boosted Boards were the pioneers of consumer electric skateboards.

They spent a ton of money on research and development to create what is universally known as the most well built electric skateboard on the market.

They have great customer service and the durability of the boards is second to none.

The Boosted Mini X has a top speed of 20mph and a range of 14 miles which is perfect for a mini-cruiser.

It’s tiny and heavier than it looks, but still fits easily under your desk and doesn’t take up too much room on the bus or train.

Of course, a top-shelf product like this has a top-shelf price tag to go along with it.



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