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Riding the Exway X1 Pro

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Ownboard W2 Pro Review

Ownboard W2 Pro

The Ownboard W2 Pro is a fantastic electric skateboard for commuting and casually cruising around on. It’s comfortable and all-around enjoyable to ride.

WowGo AT2 Electric Skateboard Review

WowGo AT2

The WowGo AT2 is an amazing all-terrain electric skateboard that is built for off-road riding. It also doubles as a comfortable commuter eboard for those looking for a more enjoyable form of transport to work or school.

Raldey Carbon AT V2

Raldey Carbon AT V2

The Raldey Carbon AT V2 is an all-terrain electric skateboard ideal for commuting and cruising on trails that are a little less than perfect. But it’s not for everyone. Read on to see if this is the eboard for you.

Exway Wave Review Feature Image

Exway Wave

The Exway Wave is an amazing short electric skateboard. I’d even go as far to say that it is probably the best. Read on to see why I love it.