eSkate Hub
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I’m Nate and I built eSkate Hub so I can share everything I know about Electric Skateboards.

I’m just a regular dude. I’m not a pro skater. I skate as a means of transport. It’s the best way to cruise around the city, especially one like my hometown, Melbourne, Australia. This is why I’m so excited about Electric Longboards and Skateboards! They’re the perfect vehicle for commuting to work or cruising with your friends.

I hope I can help you make the best decision when buying your eBoard!

Riding the Exway X1 Pro
Me Riding the Exway X1 Pro

The Perfect eBoard

The number one focus of eSkate Hub is to help you find the best electric skateboard that is perfect for you.

I understand that everyone has different riding styles and requirements for their eboard, so I help narrow down the process to the ones best suited for you.

Build a Community

One of the best things about eSkating is the passionate and welcoming community.

On eSkate Hub’s Community Portal you can find riders near so you can go on group rides and ask all the eskate questions you have.

Promote Smart Cities

By riding your electric skateboard to work, school or anywhere and everywhere, you’ll be supporting a greener and more sustainable future.

There’s no better feeling of the fresh, morning breeze on your face as you pass cars stuck in traffic.