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Backfire Ranger X5 Review

A comfortable and silent electric skateboard that packs a ton of power.

Backfire Ranger X5

Best Features

Top Speed: 26mph / 42kmh

Range: 21 miles / 35km

Flexy deck for comfortable riding

Beautiful and user-friendly remote

Ambient LEDs


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Hey eSkaters!

I’ve got the Backfire Ranger X5 to review today and it is one hell of an electric skateboard.

Priced at $1,299, (plus get $50 off with code ESKATEHUB50) this board delivers a thrilling yet comfortable ride that will leave you wanting more. With its flexible LED deck (more on that later), powerful yet dead quiet motors and innovative features like airless tires, the Ranger X5 is perfect for carving, cruising, and exploring in style.

Backfire Ranger X5 everything in the box

Backfire Ranger X5 Review

Deck and Design

The Backfire Ranger X5’s deck is seriously rad.

First off, it’s nice and flexible, which makes it extremely comfortable to ride and gives you a ton of confidence. This one flows with you as you float left and right. It really gives off a snowboard type feel.

It has LEDs built right into the deck that give off a light ambience when you ride. They’re not so bright to be able to see during the day, but they make you much more visible when you’re riding in soft-light settings.

You can double click the power button on the remote to cycle through the different modes for these lights or turn them off completely if you’re not into them.

They also have flashing LEDs at the rear end of the enclosure which are white when you’re accelerating, then turn red when you apply the brakes.

It has a dropdown deck with a slight concave so your feet rest easily on the deck and make you feel nice and secure.

Backfire Ranger X5 dropdown deck


The Backfire Ranger X5 ditches the air and embraces freedom with its airless rubber tires.

Now, you might be thinking, “Airless? But I love the cushy feel of pneumatics!” Well, just hold on, because these tires are a game-changer.

First off, say goodbye to flat tires forever. No more getting stranded with a deflated tire or frantically searching for a pump. These bad boys are puncture-proof, so you can roll over anything without a worry.

And forget about checking tire pressure before every ride.

While airless tires might not be as plush as pneumatics, the X5’s rubber tires still offer a very comfortable ride. They absorb bumps and vibrations, keeping your journey smooth and enjoyable.

So, whether you’re a commuter who is tired of flat tires or an adventurer seeking worry-free exploration, the Ranger X5’s wheels have your back.

They’re all about convenience, reliability, and keeping you rolling, no matter where your path may lead.


The Backfire Ranger X5 is fitted with double kingpin 10″ trucks that are designed for effortless carving, precision control and speed-wobble-reducing safety.

Whether you’re weaving through city streets or taking on winding paths, these trucks make it feel like you’re dancing with the board. I could do a full 180 U-turn on a two-way street without an issue.

They’re also designed with convenience in mind. With most trucks, when you want to add accessories like shredlights or carry handles, you pretty much have to take the entire trucks off. With the Ranger X5, its unique design keeps the truck securely in place even when you remove the bolts, making these customisations a breeze.

Backfire Ranger X5 double kingpin trucks

Battery and Range

The heart of the X5 is its Samsung 12S3P 40T 518Wh battery. This powerhouse provides the juice you need for extended rides, commutes, and adventurous explorations.

The Ranger X5 boasts an impressive 21 miles / 35km range which is enough for most commutes, a scenic cruise along the beach, or even an off-road adventure.

Because of the flexy design of the battery enclosure and the water resistant gasket, you are unable to swap the battery out. Not great for those who like to tinker, but ideal for those who want a reliable and easy to use electric skateboard.

Backfire Ranger X5 flexible battery enclosure

Motors, Speed, and Hill Climbing

The Ranger X5 is rocking dual 1500W hub motors, that pack a serious punch.

These motors deliver incredibly smooth acceleration and the power to conquer even the steepest inclines.

I climbed a hill wiht a 15% gradient and it powered up at 17kmh in Sport mode, and maintained 24kmh in Turbo mode. I’m on the heavier side of eskaters at 198lbs / 90kg, so I dare say you’ll have no troubles climbing any hills you face.

It can reach a top speed of 26mph / 45kmh, providing a thrilling experience for those who crave a little adrenaline rush.

I maxed out at 36kmh and there was plenty of room in the throttle for even more speed. I’m confident it can reach the top speed it is marketed at.

The craziest thing about the Ranger X5’s motors is that they are also surprisingly quiet. And I mean dead silent. Not a single whirr.

This means you can enjoy the sounds of your surroundings and not annoy everyone else around you.

Backfire Ranger X5 hub motors

ESC and Remote

The Backfire Ranger X5 uses Backfires FOC ESC connected to a beautiful, ergonomic remote.

This ESC and remote ensures precise throttle response and smooth acceleration, giving you the confidence in any speed mode.

The remote has crisp 1.5″ colour-screen display where you can monitor your speed, battery life, and riding mode with a glance.

You can use the remote to cycle through all of the boards settings and customise the Riding modes to your riding style.

The stock Turbo mode had the Speed and Braking settings dialled down a bit, so the first thing I did was ramp them up to max to get the most out of what the Ranger X5 is capable of.

But if you’re putting your young teen on this board, you can wind these settings back and be confident they’re riding at a safe speed.

The remote has a fingerprint sensor which adds a layer of security to your board. No one will be able to ride this board unless their fingerprint authenticated.

Backfire Ranger X5 Remote with colour LED display

Ride Experience and Overall Quality

The Backfire Ranger X5 delivers a ride experience that’s both exhilarating and comfortable, leaving you wanting more.

The flexible deck responds intuitively to your every move giving you a smooth and flowy ride. While the acceleration as you press the throttle gives you a rush of adrenaline.

Nothing can wipe that smile off your face.

Backfire have always made top quality electric skateboards and the Ranger X5 is proof of that.

They are one of the most trusted names in the eSkate scene and for good reason.

Riding the Backfire Ranger X5

Final Thoughts

With its blend of performance, comfort, and innovative features, the Backfire Ranger X5, priced at $1,299, is a compelling choice for riders of various skill levels.

Whether you’re a commuter seeking a reliable and stylish ride, an adventurous spirit looking to explore new paths, or a carving enthusiast who craves a responsive and smooth experience, the X5 has something to offer.

If you’re ready to elevate your electric skateboarding journey, the Backfire Ranger X5 might just be the perfect board to take you there.

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Riding the Backfire Ranger X5

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