Meepo NLS

Electric Skateboard Review

The latest release from Meepo Board is the NLS. It's their Next Level Skateboard designed for carving the streets of your city. As always, Meepo have built the electric longboard with incredible specs. It has a 25mph top speed, a 14 mile range, hill climbing ability of 30% grade, 2.5 hour charge time and a 6 month warranty. This is an eboard you have to check out.
Meepo NLS Electric Skateboard

Best Features


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00:00 – Hey what’s up I’m Nate from eSkate Hub and today I’ll be reviewing the Meepo NLS for you.
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00:24 – Alright, let’s get straight to the review.
00:25 – The Meepo NLS has composite bamboo and fiberglass deck which offers reduced shock and provides long term durabilit.
00:32 – It is 38 inches long, 9 inches wide at its widest part
00:35 – and the top of the deck sits 5.5 inches from the ground.
00:38 – The concave shape is very flexible and provides you with a comfortable ride on most surfaces.
00:44 – The grip tape is extremely coarse and I often have small grazes on my hands after holding the board.
00:48 – This is where the deck handle was useful, however,
00:51 – because there is no handle, the deck is now a lot stronger.
00:54 – The NLS is equipped with some huge 100mm wheels.
00:57 – They make your ride really smooth because they easily roll
01:00 – over tiny rocks and cracks without any issues and with a durometer of 78a the
01:05 – wheels are quite soft so they add even more comfort to your ride because they
01:08 – absorb a ton of the vibrations from the road.
01:11 – These wheels make the meepo NLS perfect for cruising at high speeds and going on long trips.
01:16 – Even though you might be able to manage I probably wouldn’t
01:19 – recommend this board if you’re into doing a lot of sliding. [laughing from the background]
01:22 – Out of the box the rear wheels had a matte finish while the front wheels were slick and shiny
01:26 – but I only took one ride to scuff those front wheels up.
01:29 – It’s no surprise the NLS is fitted with the shredder trucks.
01:32 – They tighten up nicely for a sturdy ride at high speeds and you get nice maneuverability when you loosen them off.
01:37 – It has dual hub motors rated at 400 watts of power each.
01:41 – The standard battery option is rated at 36 volts and 5 amps which equals 180 watts.
01:46 – This means you won’t be able to travel with it on airlines.
01:49 – When I go home after a ride where I ran the NLS battery to empty I was surprised to see
01:53 – that I still had 14% battery left.
01:56 – what this tells me is that meepo have programmed it to
01:59 – maintain the ability to apply the brakes after the board is considered out of battery.
02:03 – In my opinion this is a great safety feature plus it allows you to
02:07 – kick push and apply the brakes going down hill to regen your battery for a little extra juice.
02:12 – If you chose to get the extra battery, it’s pretty easy to change them over.
02:15 – All you need to do is undo the six bolts
02:17 – around the enclosure, remove the casing and disconnect the two cables.
02:21 – Then swap in the new battery, reconnect the cables, put the enclosure back on and tighten up those bolts.
02:26 – The new enclosures on the NLS look really nice
02:29 – Meepo have moved away from producing stock standard boards like the rest of the Chinese
02:32 – companies out there and are really honing in on their own style.
02:36 – I love the LED display that shows the battery percentage when you press this little button.
02:41 – The charging port and USB charging port are housed underneath this orange rubber cap.
02:45 – It’s a little tricky to close this cap, however, it is sturdy and won’t pop out while you’re riding.
02:50 – Unfortunately, I didn’t receive the NR remote
02:53 – because Meepo are still working out all the kinks so I’ve got the good old-fashioned V2 remote
02:57 – which is still a great remote.
02:59 – The rubbery matte finish feels amazing in the hand and I like the little finger ring because it makes me
03:04 – feel a little more in control of the remote and ultimately the board.
03:08 – To power on the remote all you do is hold the power button down until it lights up
03:11 – then you simply roll the board back and forth to turn the board on you’ll know
03:15 – when it’s connected when this light blinks green.
03:17 – the four lights here display the battery level and you can see
03:20 – I’m on the last light which means I have 25% battery left.
03:23 – Clicking the power button rotates through the riding modes with
03:26 – the bottom LED being the lowest mode and the highest being the fastest.
03:30 – Clicking the reverse button will toggle the reverse function on and off
03:33 – and you’ll know that it’s in Reverse when the light is flashing red,
03:36 – it will flash green when in forward mode.
03:38 – When you turn the remote on it will start in whatever mode you were in when you turned it off.
03:42 – so if you’re in GT mode it will start in GT mode
03:45 – and if you were in Reverse it will start in Reverse.
03:48 – So always check your settings before you take off.
03:52 – I did a little test and found that the board can switch into reverse mode while you are accelerating
03:56 – however what happens is the acceleration just switches off and the board will begin to coast.
04:01 – The good thing is the wheels won’t spin in reverse until they have come to a complete stop
04:06 – this will prevent you from being thrown off the board when you are riding and you accidentally hit that button.
04:11 – Hopefully meepo have considered this and are
04:13 – making changes to the new NR remote to fix this small issue.
04:17 – the thumbwheel is responsive and has the perfect amount of resistance to it it looks like Meepo
04:21 – have ironed out the jerkiness they experienced in the v2.
04:23 – In Pro mode the NLS has a nice and sharp acceleration curve and without a sudden jolt.
04:28 – The same goes for the braking. In Pro Mode the board stops relatively quickly without the
04:32 – feeling of being thrown off.
04:34 – Like all electric skateboards, as you move up in the riding modes
04:37 – you unlock faster acceleration and higher top speeds.
04:40 – To test the braking power I will be riding at each of the modes top speeds until I hit
04:44 – this spot here
04:45 – where I will apply the brakes at full power.
04:47 – The lowest mode doesn’t have a high top speed so the braking distance wasn’t very long.
04:51 – The higher the mode, the higher the top speed and therefore a longer the braking distance
04:55 – this is exactly what and I would expect.M
04:58 – Also notice that the braking distance for the fast mode and GT mode are the same.
05:03 – This is because both of their top speeds are the same and the GT mode
05:06 – doesn’t seem to offer any extra braking power.
05:09 – So far I’ve logged around 100km on the NLS and I’m starting to see some small signs of wear and tear.
05:14 – Nothing major that would affect performance
05:17 – just things like the screws on top of the deck losing their paint and a small tear
05:21 – in the protective plastic plate that covers the cables going from the ESC to the motors.
05:25 – Meepo says the NLS has a range of 14 miles or 22.5km
05:30 – Now, the eskate industry is notorious for overstating their range however when I
05:34 – tested the NLS I was very surprised to see that it lived up to the expectation.
05:38 – I weigh about 83kg which is 183lbs and I got 22.1km out of mine and I wasn’t riding it lightly.
05:47 – I had it in Pro mode for the majority of the ride until it
05:50 – automatically dropped down to eco after hitting the last battery indicator light on the remote
05:55 – which from there it quickly bottomed out within the next couple of kilometres.
05:58 – On the spec sheet the NLS’s top speed is 26mph or 42km/h.
06:04 – But I took this thing for a test ride along the Melbourne Grand Prix track
06:07 – and I nearly shat bricks.
06:09 – I topped out at 47km/h an hour which is 29mph
06:13 – This was on a flat ground at about 85% battery with no wind from any direction
06:18 – When climbing hills the NLS will take them fairly easily. When you’re in Pro mode
06:22 – you’ll destroy pretty much any hill. While in the lower modes you will manage
06:25 – to climb them but it’ll just take them at a slower pace.
06:28 – Overall, I think the Meepo NLS offers an amazing riding experience.
06:32 – For under $700 you’re getting a top-of-the-line performance electric skateboard
06:37 – without having to fork out too much money for it.
06:39 – The build is definitely geared towards longer rides and cruises with the daily commuter in mind.
06:44 – Perfect for skipping the peak hour rush on the way to work or school.
06:48 – Now, if you’re interested in the Meepo NLS, be sure to use the discount code NATE2019
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07:16 – Thanks for watching and I’ll see you guys soon.

About Meepo

Meepo Board have been producing their affordable yet powerful electric skateboards since 2017. Keiran, the founder of Meepo began the company after he released a video on YouTube of him building his own custom e-skateboard. That video received a ton of exposure and feedback which eventually led Keiran to start his own Shopify store. Since then, Meepo has continuously grown to fulfil the markets desire for high quality and affordable electric skateboards.

This is a review of the Meepo NLS electric skateboard. Their latest and greatest release. For a more up close look, check out the specs page for more details.

Who Is This Electric Skateboard For?

This extremely powerful yet affordable electric longboard is the perfect eboard for someone that needs to cover long distances to reach their destination but also wants to do it in style.

If you’re going to be riding this board door-to-door between home and work or school, then the Meepo NLS will serve you nicely.

The wheels are nice and chunky which help to keep you steady on the board at all times, including when riding at high speeds.

Because the wheels are so big, I wouldn’t recommend this board if you like to do a lot of sliding.

Because of its incredible specs and affordable price, I have rated this board as one of the best electric skateboards of 2018.

Meepo NLS top view

The Specifics

The Deck

The Meepo NLS has a brand new redesigned deck. It’s made from a composite of premium fiberglass and bamboo.

It’s great because the flex will reduce the amount of shock that you will naturally experience while riding, while maintaining a sturdiness to allow you to carve at high speeds.

The Wheels & Trucks

The NLS has huge 100mm wheels with a durometer of 78A. 

Anyone that knows a thing or two about skate wheels will know that the 100m size are awesome for gliding over stones, cracks, sticks and bumps with ease.

And with a wheel softness of 78A, the wheels will soak up all of that vibration you generally get from skating. So you’ll be able to skate for longer than you ever have before.

And if you want to take comfort to the next level, then you have to get yourself some Cloudwheels. The 120mm set will make your NLS a dream to ride. And you can spice it up with the colours.

You have Meepo’s proprietary Shredder II Trucks installed which they claim are the most stable trucks on any electric skateboard at the moment.

When I loosened the trucks off, I got some really nice manoeuvrability from the board. On the flip side, when I tightened them up, the stability I had when riding at high speeds was really comforting. 

It won’t take you long, a few back and forths, to find exactly where you like your trucks to be tightened too.

Meepo NLS under view 2

The Battery

The standard battery is rated at 36V / 5Ah which is equal to 180Wh.

Meepo’s spec sheet says that the NLS has a range of 14 miles (22.5km) and when I took it out for a test ride, I was surprised when I missed that number by only a hair. I weigh 183lbs (83kg) and I got 13.7 miles (22.1km) and I was riding it in GT mode until it dropped down to ECO for the last couple of miles.

This a juiced up battery but it means you won’t be able to take the NLS on an airline. However, due to the overall size of the board, you probably don’t want to travel with it anyway.

You can swap the battery out. All you need to do is undo the 6 bolts around the casing, disconnect two cables, put in the fresh battery and replace the casing and bolts.

Meepo claims it takes under 2 minutes to do it, and I would say that you could if you had an electric drill, but realistically it’s going to take about 10 minutes with the T-tool. Still, not too bad.

If you wanted a battery if more oomf you can opt for the Sanyo battery upgrade which will cost you an extra $150.

One great feature of the battery is that you can also charge your other devices off it. It comes with a USB outlet so you can plug in your phone, camera or any other USB device.


The ESC is pretty cool. It has a smart turn-on feature, similar to the Meepo V2P, where it will switch on when it detects movement in the motor. 

This means you can roll the NLS back and forth under your foot and it will turn on. Saves your back a great deal of unnecessary bending over.

Still no sign of bluetooth connectivity to an app.

Meepo board NLS

The Motors

The Meepo NLS sports dual in-wheel direct drive motors that are rated at 400W of power each.

Because of the huge wheels, the acceleration is going to be a tad slower, but you’re getting a higher top speed to compensate for that.

I can tell the torque isn’t compromised too much because the NLS still manages to take on any hill you challenge it with. The area I live in has plenty of steep hills, and I have no problems climbing them.

The top speed is advertised at 26mph (42km/h) and when I took it for a test ride, I was completely shocked to hit 29.8mph (48km/h).

I was on the Melbourne Grand Prix track so I had a totally smooth and flat road. There was no wind in any direction so it’s safe to say that conditions were perfect. The top speed under any other circumstances wight be different.

The Remote

It’s hard to talk about the remote because Meepo have a couple of different ones at the moment.

You could end up with the V2 remote or their new NR remote.

I got the V2 remote with mine so I’ll mention a little bit about it here.

I love most parts of this remote. The one thing that bugs me the most is the reverse button. It’s way too easy to knock. In some instances I thought I was in forward mode when I was actually in reverse. You can imagine what happened next. Hopefully the NR remote fixes this.

Apart from that, I do love the finger ring and thumb wheel. I feel much more comfortable riding with the ring because I’m not afraid of dropping the remote.

And the thumb wheel has a nice resistance to it that makes you feel like you are actually doing something in order to make the board move.

What's In The Box

Meepo NLS box contents

All wound up in some very nice packaging.

What Could Be Done Better?

My main concern is the reverse function.

It would be nice to have a button that was harder to click. Especially while you’re riding because the board can flick into reverse while you are riding. 

But don’t be alarmed. The wheels don’t just start spinning in the opposite direction. The motors simply stop spinning so you continue to roll. It’s not until the wheels come to a complete stop are you able to move backward.

My advice to you would be to make sure you always check your remote settings before you start riding.


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Final Thoughts

Meepo have really step it up with the NLS. I am more than impressed with the quality and specs of this board.

It is more expensive than their V2, starting at $599, and I think it’s worth every bit. 

The ride is really comfortable and the range and top speed are more than what I would need on any given day.

It’s not for riders looking for an extreme sliding-sesh board, rather it is for someone who is commuting all the way to work or school everyday. 

If you’re digging the Meepo NLS, you can pick one up with the button below. and make sure you use the discount code NATE2019MP to get yourself 3% OFF!

I make a small commission out of it and it all goes back into making more electric skateboard reviews.



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