Exway X1 - Electric Skateboard Review

The Exway X1 is the most intelligent electric skateboard on the market today. It has features that no other eskate company has ever built into their boards. In this review I explore these features in more detail.

Exway X1 Top

Exway are paving the future of eskating with the Exway X1 electric skateboard.

In the past, all we had were regular skateboards.

Then came the motors to make them electric.

And now…

Now we have intelligence.

Exway are boasting the X1 to be the “most intelligent electric skateboard.” And I have to say, I think I agree with them.

The X1 is unlike any other eBoard you’ve seen before.

It has all the things you want in a quality longboard, and then it also has a ton of tech built into it.

The great thing is that the tech never compromises that familiar skate feeling, yet the X1 has a special uniqueness to it when you take it out for a ride.

It’s a board you will want to ride all day, everyday, forever.

Quick Specs
Top Speed
25mph | 40km/h
10 miles | 16km
Hill Climb
Charging Time
Canadian Maple core with fiberglass shell
80mm 80A
Seismic Aeon 45° pro longboarding trucks
2x 350W direct drive

Pros & Cons


  • Intelligent automatic soft braking system
  • Slim-lined with electronics housed inside the deck
  • Customisable ESC. Yeah, you heard me.
  • Swappable PU wheels on motors
  • Very affordable considering the tech inside this eBoard.
  • Great for carving


  • You can't swap the battery
  • Only available via authorised dealers

About The Board

The Deck

Straight up, this deck is gorgeous!

It has a canadian maple core with a carbon fibre shell, then covered in a military-grade explosion-proof coating.

It not only makes the board look amazing, but it gives it maximum durability and resistance against scratches.

The entire deck is super sleek. All of the electronics and battery are housed inside the deck. It’s so slim lined, it doesn’t even look like an electric skateboard at first glance.

I absolutely love this in an electric skateboard. The more slim and stealthy the better.

Because of the direct drive and the electronics being built into the deck, the X1 has an IP55 water resistant rating.

You can ride through small puddles and take a bit of splashback and you’ll be fine. However, I would never risk it because firstly, the warranty won’t cover water damage and also, it’s really dangerous to ride through water with street wheels.

Exway X1 Deck Components Breakdown
The decks build breakdown - Source

The exway is perfect for carving. And there’s a few reasons why that is.

For starters, it has a fairly stiff deck with only a slight flex to it. This provides you with stability when riding at high speeds.

Secondly, the deck has a u-type, concave shape with raised sides. The amount of control of the board you get from this is insane.

Lastly, the trucks on the X1 make a huge impact to the way it rides, but I’ll talk more about it down below.

Front profile - Source

Wheels & Trucks

The Exway X1 sports 80mm 80A wheels which are soft which help to tackle bumps on uneven pavement and are small enough to allow for tight carving and turns.

The trucks are Seismic Aeon 45 degrees which are perfect for carving. The board comes standard with 90A bushings which are nice and hard to make that carving all the more smooth.

The Motors

I think it’s important to mention the motors in this case because things aren’t quite as they seem.

Exway claim to have ‘direct drive’ motors on the X1. But if you’re familiar with electric skateboard motor types, you’d notice that the motors on the X1 look more like hub motors.

The industry still isn’t sure how to classify the difference between the two types of motors.

The technology between hubs and direct drive motors is different. And usually the mounting of the motors is different too. I think this debate requires a separate article. So I’ll link back here once I’ve written it.

For now, let’s go with the Exway X1 having direct drive motors.

If you think otherwise, please get in touch with me so I can correct this article.

Motors diagram - Source

The Battery

Hidden inside the deck is a 51V 120Wh battery. In optimum conditions you’ll get a max range of 10 miles, which at first doesn’t sound like much but for most riders, it’s about as much you can manage before your legs get tired from the constant vibration.

The 120Wh is below the maximum capacity restriction of airlines, so you’ll be able to take this on flights given that you get permission from your airline prior to travelling.

Side profile - Source


One of the coolest things about the X1 is it’s ESC. It’s crazy smart and even customizable.

I’ll start with the smart features.

It has an automatic soft braking system where the board will start to slowly apply the brakes if it detects that something is wrong.

Things like the remote disconnecting, the board having low battery or the motors overheating.

All these added safety features will help keep you from destroying your board or yourself if something unexpected were to happen while you’re riding.

Now, probably one of my favourite things about this board is that the riding modes are completely customizable.

In the App (oh yeah, there’s also an app) you can modify the acceleration and braking curves to fit your riding style.

Love the torque? Then ramp up the steepness on your acceleration.

Prefer more of a gradual acceleration to keep stable while you learn, that’s cool too, adjust it in the app.

This electric skateboard really is one of a kind.

The Remote

This is such a defining feature of the entire board experience.

The remote on the X1 embodies the sleekness of the board.

It has a black matte, velvety finish which feels amazing in your hand and has a very premium feel to it.

Like the majority of boards, it has a thumb wheel that allows you to control the acceleration and braking of the board.

Recently, Exway have added the ability to go in reverse. I don’t really use reverse on my board that much but it is always a nice to have.

Where it excels though is with its built in OLED display which has a speedometer and battery percentage indicator for both the board and the remote.

I’m very impressed by this remote.

The remote - Source

The Riding Experience

The Exway X1 has an unbelievably smooth ride. For a deck that is stiffer than most, you really don’t feel as many bumps as you’d first think.

The deck stiffness actually plays to the X1’s strengths.

With it’s raised edges and seismic trucks coupled with the hard bushings, you get crazy stability and insane control making this electric skateboard a carving machine.

Riding the streets - Source

How Does It Compare?

For a chinese manufactured board, you would expect it to be competing with the likes of WowGo and Meepo, but the X1 is in a league above these boards.

It’s more in the spectrum of the more premium boards like Boosted and Inboard, however, with the $888 price tag, it fits nicely between these two markets.

It’s electric skateboard that is high quality and high tech, but at an affordable price.

Who Is This Board For?

To get the most out of the Exway X1 electric skateboard, you’d want to be someone who has had experience with either skating or other board sports.

This eBoard is perfectly designed for carving and it would be a shame to see it go to waste.

In saying that, the X1 has incredible stability, so if you’re on the beginner end of skating, this board will help you go from novice to pro in no time!

Exway X1 Top
The Exway X1 - Source

What Could Be Done Better?

Currently, the only way to get an Exway X1 is via an authorised retailer.

And Exway make it extremely hard to locate these retailers around the world. I can’t even be certain that they exist in countries outside the US..

Luckily, there is one US retailer that offers the X1 on Amazon.

The other thing that might cause you to set this board aside is the lack of a replaceable battery. This will be dictated by your range needs.

It may not be an issue for you.

The Exway X1 Underneath - Source

Customer Reviews

Exway don’t post any reviews on their website, however, there are plenty of positive, unsponsored reviews on YouTube and quite a few other happy customers around the web.

Exway Customer Review

Not What You're Looking For?

Yeah, the Exway has A LOT going on. I get it, you might want something a little more tame. Check out the boards below or see this list of the best electric skateboards of 2018.

The Inboard M1 is just as high-tech as the Exway X1. The Inboard differs by having built-in lights, a quick swap battery system and is slightly slower with a slightly lower range. The M1 is $999. You can also check out my Inboard M1 review if you’re interested.

If you’re looking for more of a skateboard kind of vibe, then you MUST check out the Miles board. It comes in a single hub ($599) and a dual hub ($769) option.

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The Boosted Mini X is a really cool electric skateboard.

It’s much smaller than the Exway X1 and it also has a kick-tail. The Mini X is a lot more like a skateboard while the X1 is more of a longboard.

There’s a review of the Mini X here if you’re interested.

Final Thoughts

Should You Buy It?

This has to be one of my favourite electric skateboards that is under $1,000.

It has all the qualities of a top-tier eBoard, but without the hefty price tag.

It’s definitely smart, with its customizable ESC, error detection and automatic soft braking system.

I’d be putting this electric skateboard way up on your wishlist.

Go check out the most up to date price on Amazon.

Rider Kissing His Exway X1
Rider kissing his Eway X1 - Source