Mellow Drive Merge with TQ to Offer More Affordable Eskate Drive Kit

Mellow Drive is playing a huge role in taking the electric skateboarding industry to the next level. Big things are on the horizon for eskaters and the Light Electric Vehicle community as a whole.

Mellow Drive New Prices From €699

By Nate


In my opinion, Mellow Drive is one of the most innovative electric skateboard companies in the industry at the moment. They are a small German tech startup with huge ambitions.

And boy have they just made a massive change that will benefit you and the eskate industry like crazy!

First, let me tell you why I love them so much.

Mellow Drive developed an easily mountable electric skateboard drive system that will fit pretty much any board and it has some damn awesome features!

Mellow Drive’s Best Features

  • Swappable Battery
  • Top Speed of 25mph
  • Air Travel Approved
  • IP65 Water Resistance Rating
  • App Updatable Software
  • Endless Ride Mode

Now the big news!

Mellow Drive has been acquired by the huge technology company, TQ Group.

The great thing about this acquisition is that it symbolises the future of electric skateboarding as a legitimate form of personal transport in the e-mobility space.

Now you can pick yourself up one of the best electric skateboard systems on the market without breaking the bank too much…

It’s a very exciting time to be apart of this industry. I’m really excited to see where it will be in the future.

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