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WowGo 2S Max Remains One Of The Best Entry-Level Electric Skateboards

WowGo 2S Max

By Nate


Every year, brands release new entry-level electric skateboards, each promising to be the next big thing in the market. With notable new releases such as the Meepo Super V3S and Maxfind Max5 Pro, the market is buzzing with options. But does newer always mean better?

The electric skateboard market is dynamic, with brands constantly innovating to outdo each other. The Meepo Super V3S and Maxfind Max5 Pro are the latest entrants, boasting impressive specs. However, amidst the noise of these new releases, the WowGo 2S Max continues to hold its ground as a top contender in the entry-level category.

While the allure of the latest tech can be tempting, it’s essential to remember that newer isn’t always better. The WowGo 2S Max is a testament to this. Despite being on the market for a while, it continues to outperform many newer models in terms of price, ride comfort, and performance.

The WowGo 2S Max raised the bar for entry-level electric skateboards by using a 12S2P battery configuration. This means buyers don’t have to compromise on performance when buying a budget-friendly electric skateboard. With a top speed of 28mph / 45kmh and a range of 14 miles / 23km, it offers a balance of speed and distance that is hard to beat at its price point of $430.

WowGo 2S Max underneath

What sets the WowGo 2S Max apart is its ride experience and its raw power. It’s extremely comfortable due to its shock-absorbing grip tape, and it provides a carvy and stable ride that is perfect for beginners and seasoned riders alike.

So how does the WowGo 2S Max stack up against the new releases?

The closest comparison would be the Meepo Super V3S. At a higher price of $469, offers a 10S battery, a top speed of 29mph / 47kmh and a range of 17 miles / 27km. While it has slightly more range and is a tad faster, it’s still an extra $40 more expensive.

When it comes to the ride experience, it does offer a comfortable ride, however, the vibrations from the road do sneak through.

The next closest would be the Maxfind Max5 Pro. It matches the WowGo 2S Max’s top speed, has slightly higher range, but only has a 10S battery, yet it’s also priced the same. Although it provides a comfortable ride, you really need the Cloudwheels to take full advantage of it, which comes with an added cost. The design of the Max5 Pro is unique, however, it lacks that true skateboard vibe that many eSkaters seek.

The shining difference is that the WowGo 2S Max has a 12S battery, meaning it can deliver more power which translates to more torque and speed at a reliable level.

SpecWowGo 2S MaxMeepo Super V3SMaxfind Max5 Pro
Battery Config12S2P10S2P10S2P
Battery Wh216Wh216Wh158.4Wh
Top Speed28mph / 45kmh29mph / 47kmh28mph / 45kmh
Range14 miles / 23km17 miles / 27km15 miles / 25km

It does shine a light on whether newer is better.

In the ever-evolving world of electric skateboards, the WowGo 2S Max continues to be a top choice for entry-level riders. Its balance of price, performance, and ride comfort proves that newer isn’t always better.

So, if you’re in the market for an affordable, high-performance electric skateboard, the WowGo 2S Max is still a choice worth considering.

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