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Can You Bring An Electric Skateboard On A Plane? And How To.

Here's how you can get your electric skateboard on a plane so you can take it on your adventures around the world.


By Nate


I can’t begin to tell you how awesome it is to get into a new city and go see the sights on an electric skateboard.

You’ve probably already imagined it multiple times, otherwise, you probably wouldn’t be here trying to answer the elusive question of, can you bring an electric skateboard on a plane?

Unfortunately, electric skateboards have been placed on the hazardous list of airline companies. This is pretty much because of a flow-on effect from the banning of hoverboards on airlines. But you can also see why the airlines made this decision after watching videos like this…

YouTube video

Watching this almost has you answering yourself whether not if electric skateboards are allowed on planes. But it’s not all bad news. Even though they’re considered hazardous, you can take your electric skateboard on an airplane if you adhere to certain guidelines.

For those that don’t know, the part of an electric skateboard that is the concern here is the battery. Batteries, in general, are highly flammable and must be treated with extra care because if not… KABOOM!

That is not what your want on your flight.

Like the vast majority of portable electronic devices such as your smartphone and laptop, electric skateboards are powered by lithium-ion batteries. The reason you can take your phone and laptop on an airline without any trouble is that they conform to the guidelines provided by airlines.

So, what are the airline guidelines for travelling with electric skateboards? I won’t keep you waiting any longer.

Here’s what you need to know.

If the battery in your electric skateboard is less than 100Wh, then you are allowed to take it on an airline. This is the current regulation from the Federal Aviation Administration in regards to lithium-ion batteries.

If your battery is between 101Wh and 160Wh, then the FAA recommends you contact your airline to seek approval before travelling. If your airline gives you the go-ahead and you’re allowed to travel with your electric skateboard, make sure you take the necessary actions to properly protect the battery terminals to prevent short circuit.

Anything over 160Wh is strictly prohibited from being taken on any passenger airline. If you want to have your battery shipped to your location, you will require a specialist freighting company that are equipped to cart hazardous materials. As you can imagine, this is a costly exercise.

They are the rules. Clean cut.

But, a word of advice.

If you’re considering taking your ‘within regulation’ electric skateboard on a plane, I would highly recommend that you contact your airline and inform them of your unique cargo and let them know that you are taking all safety measures to properly protect the battery terminals from short circuit.

This little note just instills some confidence in them by letting them know that you understand the dangers, and are being proactive to prevent any catastrophic problems.

Do all of this before you get to the airport, because the last thing you want is to be declined only hours from your takeoff.

Every airline is going to respond differently to your request to take an electric skateboard on the plane, so do your research and get in contact with them before you book your tickets.

If your electric skateboard is over the 160Wh restriction, you still have options. One is to disconnect your battery and leave it at home, take your empty eboard on the plane and sort yourself out with a battery when you get to your destination. Maybe the manufacturer has a warehouse there that you can borrow one from. Or if you have a popular eskate brand and model, you could reach out to the community and see if anyone would be willing to lend you a battery during your holiday. Who knows, you might even make a new friend out of it.

Now knowing what you know, here are some electric skateboards that are already under the 90Wh threshold that you can easily take on an airplane.

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