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Spectra Advanced POV riding

Spectra Advanced Review

The Spectra Advanced by Walnut is a hands-free electric skateboard. This review will show you a step-by-step process for how to ride the Spectra Advanced because there are a lot of people who are having trouble with it.

Backfire G2T Review

The Backfire G2T electric skateboard is the latest flagship eboard from Backfire Boards. The spec sheet boasts a top speed of 23.5mph (38km/h) and a range of 15 miles (25km) but in this review, I will reveal if this eskate is worth your money.

Riding the Evolve Bamboo GTR All Terrain electric skateboard

Evolve GTR Series Review

The brand new Evolve GTR electric skateboards are here. This review shows you what's new and what you can expect from these high performance eboards.

Boosted Mini

Boosted Mini Review

The new electric skateboards from industry veterans, Boosted, are a refreshing change to their lineup. With a much shorter deck, the Boosted Mini's are now more like a skateboard rather than a longboard.

Acton Blink S2

Acton Blink S2 Review

Acton has put together an exceptional electric skateboard. The Blink S2 is a powerful little board that is portable and reliable. Ride it anywhere and take it wherever you can't ride it.

Bike Path

The Bike Path Battle – Cyclists vs eSkaters

Light Electric Vehicles (ELVs) are coming and they're coming quick. As eSkaters, we need to integrate with the existing bike path rules and culture so that everyone can enjoy their ride of choice.

Miles Dual

Miles Board Review

The debut series of the Miles Board electric skateboards is long past its prime. The best thing about the Miles Dual is that it is compact. Beyond that, it lacks any real value.

Teamgee H6

Teamgee H6 Review

The Teamgee H6 is a premium classic pintail electric skateboard with an ultra-slim deck to hide all of the electronics inside the deck.

Meepo NLS

Meepo NLS Review

The latest release from Meepo Board is the NLS designed for carving the streets of your city and commuting with performance.