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Verreal RS - $130 OFF Long Range Electric Skateboard

WowGo Mini 2 Electric Skateboard

WowGo Mini 2 Review

The WowGo Mini 2 is a fun and exciting short electric skateboard. It adds a bit of spice to your ride and is an ideal last-mile solution.

WowGo 2S Max Electric Longboard

WowGo 2S Max Review

The WowGo 2S Max is an affordable electric skateboard that is great for beginners and intermediate riders looking for something to commute on or to go on casual weekend rides.

Exway X1 Max

Exway X1 Max Review

The Exway X1 Max is a powerful electric longboard that looks and feels like a traditional longboard.

Teamgee H3 DIY Electric Skateboard Kit

Teamgee H3 DIY Kit Review

Here's a great project for teenagers that will get them a cool little electric skateboard at the end of it which will provide years of fun.

Verreal RS Pro

Verreal RS Pro Review

The Verreal RS Pro is a high-powered electric skateboard. If you're looking for performance at a reasonable price. This should be at the top of your list.

Steep Hill Caution Sign along Forest Road

Can You Ride Electric Skateboards Uphill?

You're looking for an electric skateboard but aren't sure which to get and if they'll be able to climb the hills in your area. You've come to the right place. Every eskater I know has this same issue.