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Maxfind’s 7th Anniversary – Up To $300 Off!

Maxfind 7th Anniversary Sale

By Nate


This month marks the 7th year anniversary of Maxfind and I am really excited to celebrate with them because they are putting on one hell of a sale.

Maxfind started out small, selling single-hub motor electric skateboards. They had a couple of different models and they came in all sorts of colours. 

They had the Max-C, which were electric shortboards blinged-up with with vibrant colours and the Max-B that was a longboard with carry handles on either side of the deck (something you rarely see on eboards these days).

Over the years, and really just recently, Maxfind have redesigned their products and reimagined their brand into something that is sleek, powerful and trusted.

They gave the Max-C an upgrade in performance and design to turn it into the Max One which is now one of the best budget beginner electric skateboards on the market.

They ditched the Max-B entirely and replaced it with the Max4 Pro which is a great electric longboard for commuting, and messing about with some DIY, if that’s your kind of thing.

I have a Max4 Pro and I love it.

Finally, they added the all new FF range which are their high-powered electric skateboards and come in builds to suit any type of rider.

Choose between hub or belt-drives and whether you want street, cloudwheels or AT tyres and you’ve just found an eboard that fits your unique riding style.

I have the Maxfind FF-Belt which is great for commuting and cruising along paved roads and I also have the Maxfind FF-AT for the times I want to go on some adventures and ride off road..

I’d just like to say a massive congratulations to Maxfind and everyone that works their for producing awesome products that we get to enjoy day-in and day-out.

Happy 7th Birthday Maxfind

Maxfind Sale

Maxfind’s 7th Anniversary Sale

Up To $300 OFF Electric Skateboards

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