The Bike Path Battle – Cyclists vs eSkaters

Light Electric Vehicles (ELVs) are coming and they're coming quick. As eSkaters, we need to integrate with the existing bike path rules and culture so that everyone can enjoy their ride of choice.
Bike Path

Before I moved to riding electric skateboards, I used to ride my bike, which was a Gmc Denali Road Bike, to and from work everyday.

And let me tell you something.

There were some people out there who thought they owned the bike path.

From cutting other riders off, skipping to the front of the line while we all wait for the green light, running red lights completely to abusing pedestrians. You name it, I’ve seen them do it.

This isn’t a dig at cyclists. It’s only a small percentage of riders that are like this.

This is about a potential issue I foresee between cyclists and electric skateboarders and the electric riders community in general.

The personal electric light vehicle industry is booming. Not only is there electric skateboards, you can also get electric scooters, electric unicycles, hoverboards, electric bikes and electric rollerblades!

The bike paths are going to fill up QUICK!

I can see how that small number of ‘entitled’ cyclists will begin to harass and ridicule electric riders.

I can also see electric riders being arrogant, irresponsible and dangerous while riding along the bike paths.

These two parties are a recipe for disaster!

What we need to do is cultivate a positive and sharing culture on the bike path before it all breaks into chaos.

And it’s easy to do!

As eSkaters, we have a unique opportunity to start the trend.

All we have to do is be kind, courteous and respectful of the cyclists and other electric riders on the bike path.

And in return, we’ll see the same level of respect directed at us.

It won’t take long before the bike path becomes the ‘riding path’ and everyone will be able to enjoy their ride of choice happily and in good spirits.



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