Are Electric Skateboards Legal in Australia?

Find out more about eskate laws in Australia. eSkate Hub explains where electric skateboards are legal and where they are not.
Are electric skateboards legal in Australia?

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Are Electric Skateboards Legal in Australia?

Electric skateboards are not illegal by definition, however, they are not comprehensively defined by the laws in most states of Australia, except for a few places which I outline below.

The great news is, The National Transport Commission is currently underway with a huge project researching the impacts of electric skateboard and other PMD (Personal Mobility Device) regulation.

So we should start to see some changes being implemented around mid-2020.

In the meantime, it’s important to know what the current electric skateboard laws are in your state.

I’ve done the research and put together everything you need to know about the legality in your state.

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Are Electric Skateboards Legal In ACT?

Electric skateboards are legal in ACT as of December 20th 2019.

The new laws come with rules about how you can ride your electric skateboard which I have detailed below.

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Electric skateboards are classified as a PMD (Personal Mobility Device) which also includes electric scooters and segway-type devices.

A PMD is a device that is:

  • propelled by an electric motor
  • designed for use by only 1 person
  • weighing not more than 60kg unladen
  • with 1 or more wheels
  • with a brake system
  • that cannot travel faster than 25km/h on level ground
  • with dimensions not more than:
    • 1250mm in length
    • 700mm in width
    • 1350mm in height.

Electric skateboards are permitted on footpaths, shared paths, bicycle paths and the bicycle side of separated paths, but they will not be permitted on roads or bicycle lanes.

The speed limits for electric skateboards and other PMDs are as follows:

  • 10km/h when approaching and travelling across a crossing
  • 15km/h when travelling on a footpath
  • 25km/h when travelling on shared paths, bicycle side of separated paths and bicycle paths.

Other requirements you must adhere to when riding on an electric skateboard and other PMDs:

  • You must wear an approved bicycle helmet
  • You must have a warning device such as a bell fitted to your device or otherwise accessible to you
  • You are not allowed to use a mobile device while operating the device
  • You must not be impaired by alcohol
  • You must have lights and reflectors on either the device or your person at night or in hazardous weather conditions
  • You must not carry any passengers
  • You must give way to other pedestrians and keep to the left. It is the responsibility of all users to share the footpath and road and be mindful of other users
  • Children under the age of 12 must not use a PMD without adult supervision
  • Obey applicable ACT road transport laws.

You can read more info on eskate laws in ACT here.

Are Electric Skateboards Legal In NSW?

New South Wales does not permit people to ride electric skateboards on any public roads or paths.

Electric skateboards cannot be registered and therefore can only be used on private land.

Source for electric skateboard laws in NSW can be found here.

Are Electric Skateboards Legal In NT?

There is no mention of electric skateboards on the Northern Territories governmental websites.

This makes it very unclear as to whether or not electric skateboards are legal in the Northern Territory. As electric skateboards are not yet properly classified, it would be safe to assume they are not allowed to be ridden on public roads and footpaths.

Source for electric skateboard laws in NT can be found here.

Are Electric Skateboards Legal In QLD?

Electric skateboards are legal in Queensland. QLD was the first state of Australia to allow the use of eboards on public roads and paths. However, there are strict limitations to where and how you can ride your electric skateboard.

  • You must be older than 16yrs or 12 with parent supervision
  • You must wear a helmet
  • The speed limit at which you ride cannot exceed 25km/h.
  • You can only have one person per device
  • You cannot use a mobile device while riding
  • You cannot drink and ride
  • You must have a flashing or steady white light at the front and red light and reflector at the back when riding at night or in hazardous conditions.
  • You must ride on paths wherever possible
  • You can ride on roads with a speed limit of less than 50km/h and does not have a dividing line or median strip
  • You cannot ride on main roads or streets in Brisbane CBD

Although the rules sound strict, they make eskating legal in QLD which is a big win for the eskate community.

Source for electric skateboard laws in QLD can be found here.

Are Electric Skateboards Legal In SA?

It is illegal to ride an electric skateboard on public roads and paths in South Australia. They can only be used on private property.

Any motor-powered device is considered to be a motor vehicle and therefore requires a drivers licence, registration and compulsory third-party insurance.

However, the majority of electric skateboards do not meet the minimum safety requirements of the Australian Design Rules and cannot be registered.

Source for electric skateboard laws in SA can be found here.

Are Electric Skateboards Legal In TAS?

There isn’t any specific classification for electric skateboards on the Tasmanian Government’sTransport website. I would be wary of riding an eboard in Tasmania as they are not specifically classified in the rules and could fall under the classification given by the National Transport Commission.

They do outline rules for skateboarding and cycling, however, there is no mention of motorised devices.

The rules for skateboarding say that you can ride on footpaths or roads that have a speed limit of less than 50km/h without a dividing line or median strip. You also cannot ride between sunset and sunrise.

Are Electric Skateboards Legal In VIC?

In Victoria, you are not allowed to use electric skateboards on public roads or road-related areas including footpaths or nature strips.

You can only use eboards on private property with the permission of the property owner.

Source for electric skateboard laws in VIC can be found here.

Are Electric Skateboards Legal In WA?

The law surrounding electric skateboards in Western Australia is very ambiguous. I would be extremely careful about riding an electric skateboard in WA and I would consider contacting your local authorities or NTC for further information.

They mention wheeled recreational devices, electric scooters and toys but there is no specific mention of electric skateboards.

Electric skateboards could be classified as a wheeled recreational device, however, the majority of eboards are powered by a motor that outputs more than 200W of power which would remove them from this classification.

Source for electric skateboard laws in WA can be found here at sections 206-208.

The Future Of Electric Skateboard Laws

The current laws for electric skateboarding are out of date and the government and associated regulatory bodies are in the process of writing new laws to keep up with the ever-growing popularity of personal mobility devices.

We will begin to see the implementation of these new rules around the middle of 2020.

I will be constantly watching the evolution of the laws surrounding electric skateboards and will update this article whenever anything changes.



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