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Are Enertion Finally Gone? – Eskate News Weekly Round Up

The latest in eskate news this week includes Enertion, Evolve World Cup 2020, new Kickstarters, and a brand new electric skateboard brand!

Eskate News - Weekly Round Up 13 Dec

By Nate


This week in eskate we have got news (or lack-of) from Enertion, The Evolve World Cup announcement, new eskate Kickstarters, new eboards from BIG companies and Christmas deals just around the corner.

First up, Enertion.

It’s been a bit of a blood bath for Enertion over the last year. They ran out of FOCBOX’s, failed to deliver pre-ordered Raptor 2’s, didn’t pay their employees/contractors and refused to return customers products after customers had sent their boards to be serviced.

Last week, Enertion shutdown their referral program and they are no longer taking orders for any of their products on their website. Also, the electric-skateboard builders forum went offline this week (however, the forum is now back up). All just more signs of a sliding company.

What doesn’t make sense to me is that it was so obvious that Enertion was bleeding money and couldn’t deliver their products, yet they still managed to fly their team around the world on the Ruckus tour.

It looks like Enertion won’t make it to the new decade. It’s a shame really because the Raptor 2 had so much potential.

I would like to dive deeper into the story behind the rise and fall of Enertion, so if anyone has any stories they’d like to share, good or bad, please get in contact with me.

Evolve World Cup

In more positive news, the Evolve World Cup has been announced!

Evolve released a video this week with some details of the event, but in case you haven’t seen it, the 2020 World Cup will be held in August in Germany.

There will be both a Street event and an AT event. PLUS, entry is not just limited to Evolve riders. Anyone with any brand or built electric skateboard can enter.

They’re the only details so far, so keep your eye out for updates like dates, location and prizes!


There were two new Kickstarter campaigns released this week. Both of them have already reached their pledges of over 250% of their goals.

Teamgee H20T

The first is Teamgee’s new eboard, the H20T which boasts a top speed of 28mph and a range of 24 miles. Plus it has larger 103mm rubber wheels that have a small tread on them. 

It looks like a really versatile commuter eboard and I’m not surprised at the amount backers who have jumped on board.

Teamgee H20T Promo


The second up for grabs is the SharkWheel electric skateboard. It’s from the company that makes those crazy, squiggly wheels.

There are two options. The SharkWheel THIN and the Sharkwheel POWER.

The THIN has the battery inside the deck and can hit speeds of 25mph and a range of 11 miles. While the POWER has the battery on the outside of the deck and has a top speed of 26mph with a range of 25 miles.

They are both rated as IP56 waterproof, have 95mm SharkWheels and come with ShredLights on the front and rear of the board.

It’s a pretty interesting board and it’s the first from this company which brings up some concerns about whether or not they’ll be able to deliver, however, they are already a well-established company, so hopefully their operations and capital are ready for the challenge.

New eSkate Company – Dot Boards

A new huge player has joined the eskate industry. Skate giant Globe has announced their new brand of electric skateboards which they’re calling dot boards

It is a completely modular board that allows you to add and remove battery components, upgrade the hub motors and swap the deck.

Globe is one of the biggest skate companies in the world and they know a thing or two about skating. I don’t doubt these doty boards will be insane.

Keep your eyes peeled for a full rundown of these dot boards in the near future.

YouTube video

Holiday Season

Lastly, it’s the holidays!

A lot of companies are running Christmas deals so shop around to make sure you shop around. You can use my SHOP page to easily narrow down your search.

Put your order in asap because the final date for guaranteed Christmas delivery is approaching fast!

That’s all for this week eSkaters. 

Reach out if you have any questions and make sure you sign up to be the first to know about eskate news, reviews and exclusive discounts!



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