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A New Era of Electric Skateboards – Eovan GTO Silo

Eovan GTO SILO - New Release

By Nate


The eSkate industry could be changed forever with the release of the Eovan GTO Silo.

For as long as electric skateboards have been around there has been a slew of different motor types, but only two have really prevailed. That’s the Belt-drive motor and the Hub drive motor.

We’ve seen planetary gear drives and direct drives, but neither have been as successful as the two majors we see today.

That might all be about to change with the release of the new EOVAN GTO SILO electric skateboard.

The GTO Silo is decked out with the latest in electric skateboard propulsion innovation, gear-drive motors.

They are similar to belt-drive motors where they have a toothed gear on the motor and another toothed gear on the wheel.

However, while on a belt-drive system, these two gears are connected by a belt in order to turn the wheel by the motor, In a gear drive-system, this belt is replaced by another gear that connects the motor gear with the wheel gear.

YouTube video

There are a few major benefits to these gear-drive systems.

The first is that you will no longer need to worry about snapping your belts or getting debris stuck in them. Gear drive systems are fully housed in a plastic or metal casing that protects them from anything getting in there and causing issues.

Second, they’re meant to be a lot quieter than belt-drives, which is a much welcome feature.

And lastly, they require less maintenance. Belts can snap, so you’d need to replace them. Belts also stretch over time so you’ll need to adjust your motors to maintain tension if you want to achieve optimal performance. Gear-drives don’t suffer from any of these issues.

Eovan GTO Silo Specs

The Eovan GTO Silo is starting to look like a really sought-after electric skateboard.

The dual 3500W motors are capable of hitting a top speed of 36mph / 58kmh and climbing hills with a 40% incline grade.

I don’t know about you, but that’s plenty fast enough for me. I generally cruise around 22mph / 35kmh, but having access to that power is good to have when needed.

Especially when climbing hills.

To be honest, a 40% hill grade is overkill. There’s no street road on the planet that has a grade that steep. But what it does mean is that it should be able to handle any hill you tackle without a hint of letting up.

The 12S5P Molicel battery can get you a range of up to 37 miles / 60km. And that’s nuts.

For a lot of people, that means being able to ride to work and back without charging, twice!

Goodbye range-anxiety.

All controlled by a Hobbywing ESC to make the riding experience smooth and enjoyable.

It has carbon fibre deck with all of the electronics securely housed inside to protect them from the elements.

On top of the deck is a layer of shock absorbing grip tape that is designed to soak up some of the vibrations from the road to make the ride as comfortable as possible.

And you have a choice of either 125mm or 155mm all-rubber, airless wheels. Both are very grippy so you stick to the ground when cornering. And they also do a lot of the work when it comes to shock absorption, further increasing the comfort of your ride.

The Eovan GTO Silo is currently priced at US$1,599.99 which is some of the best value for money I’ve seen in a while.

YouTube video

So far, these are all numbers on a screen, however, I am really excited to see what the Eovan GTO Silo means for the eSkate industry and to actually get on one myself.

Fingers crossed I’ll get one by the end of November and have a full review out for you.

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