Let me just warn you. The fastest electric skateboard is really, really fast. So fast in fact that it holds a World Record for it in the Guinness Book of Records.

The man who holds this record is Mischo Erban, who actually has a few World Records under his belt. He manages to push the board to a top speed of 95.83km/h (59.55 mph). But it wasn’t without it’s bumps and bruises. After smashing the record, he takes a tumble propelling him what looks to be about 30 metres along the tarmac of an Aeroplane runway. You can watch the somewhat concerning footage in the video below. Or skip on past to see the fastest electric skateboard.

The World Record Breaking Electric Skateboard

The board that Erban is riding is the NEXTBoard, developed completely from the ground up by Next Generation Vehicles (NGV). To get yourself one, you’ll have to preorder it for $2,995 plus $300 shipping. A total of $3,295. I know right, that is steep. But it has got some serious specs that is still unmatched in any other production board in today’s market.

The NEXTBoard runs a four-wheel-drive system with each wheel equipped with custom built NGV 2000W 180kV Brushless hub motors. Now, depending on which battery you decide to use will depend on it’s top speed and range. I say it depends on what you use, because the NEXTBoard doesn’t actually come with a battery. Probably because of safety and legal reasons..

The Speeds

Take a look at the table below to see how fast you can go based on the type of battery you use. Keep in mind that most production boards on the market today have a top speed of 38km/h (24mph). That is the lowest end of the NEXTBoard, and it’s still damn fast!

4S Battery



6S Battery



8S Battery



12S Battery



These are unbelievably high speeds. Please make sure that you always exercise safety first when it comes to riding electric skateboards, because even though they are super fun, they can also be very, very dangerous if used inappropriately. Oh, and ALWAYS wear a helmet!

The Range:

I had a look at the NEXTBoard website and I could only find range specs for a 6S battery. They say if you use a single 6S battery, you will 16km (10 miles) range and with two 6S batteries you will get 32km (20 miles) range. Makes sense, right. However, they also say that this is measured at an average speed of 27km/h (17mph). That sounds kind of slow, but it’s probably what you’ll find yourself riding at most of the time anyway.

What Else?

Obviously, for a board with this much power, there is some serious innovation and design going into it. More than many people would even think. So I’ll spare everyone from diving in too deep, but if you love that kind of thing, then you should definitely check out the NEXTBoard Specs page. Everything is there.

A bit too much?

I know, It’s damn fast! Too much for me too… Here are some other really fast boards that you might want to check out.

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