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The XTND Single is not your run of the mill electric longboard. Not only does it look sleek and futuristic, it claims to be the very first to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence.

The board learns. It learns about you! It will collect data on the way you ride, evaluate that data and then create a unique riding experience designed specifically for you. This means that no matter what level of rider you are, you can jump on the board, it’ll look you up and down and then proceed to give you the optimal riding settings for you and keep you safe. For example, if you’re not standing on the board in a way that might cause you to get injured, it won’t move until you have the correct stance.

The board is smart enough to track your regular routes and offer alternatives to help you get to your destination in a faster and more comfortable way. It will evaluate routes that have smoother terrain or smaller elevation to maximise efficiency and ultimately used up less battery.

The XTND Single electric longboard is one of few boards that come with lights built into the deck. But XTND takes it one step further. The board has built-in sensors that will detect ambient light and automatically switch the lights on. Yet another thing you don’t have to worry about to stay safe on the board.

To add to the sensors, the board can detect speed wobbles that may cause an inexperienced rider to fall off. The board will recognise these cases and regulate the speed to reduce the risk of the rider falling off.

If somehow, even with all of these safety features, you happen to come off the board, the built-in pressure sensors will detect that you are no longer on the board and it will automatically brake to a standstill to prevent the board from running off into traffic.

The XTND board is one of the only boards on the market to not only offer a mobile app but also have a watch app. You can get data about your location, routes, speed and driving range while on the go. You can also switch between riding modes and other settings to customise the experience to your preference.

An even cooler thing you can do with the app is locking the board. You can lock the board so that you are notified if the board moves and the board will become useless until you unlock it. If someone does get a hold of it, you can use the GPS tracking the locate your build quickly and easily.


This electric longboard is like no other out there. It is the future of city transportation. It is smart, safe and sleek.

This is all from the research I have done on the board. As soon as I get my hands on one, I will do a full video review of my personal findings.

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