Acton Blink S

Top Specs

Unfortunately, the Acton Blink S is no longer available.

They have replaced it with an upgraded version, Acton Blink S-R.

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The Acton Blink S electric skateboard is sturdy, strong, fast, and built to last! Not only that, the ACTON BLINK S comes fully-equipped with LED lights that ensures riders are both visible to traffic, and light the way to see obstacles on the Street.

Th battery not only charges fully in just 1 hour, but under the right conditions will last up to 7 miles of riding fun on a single charge. The BLINK S electric skateboard is perfect for riding around campus, commuting to work, or riding all around town!

The perfect gift for holidays and birthdays!

Your kit will arrive with a board, a portable battery charger, and a simple-to-use remote control you can use to accelerate, brake, and switch from forward to reverse, all at the press of a button. Weighing only 10 lbs, the Acton Blink S is extremely light and portable, and allows you to cruise at speeds up to 15 MPH!

The BLINK S board comes with 3 riding modes, each perfect for any situation. It can even climb a 15% incline, making sure you never have to walk or climb up those hills again!

Using Bluetooth technology, you can connect to our smartphone app when you get your board, and you’ll be able to track your routes, log your miles, and record your adventures!

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In The Box

Board, Charger, Remote, User manual