Meepo V2 Plus Electric Skateboard Review

The V2 Plus is the flagship product for Chinese manufacturer, Meepo. They are loved by eSkaters from all around the world because Meepo continue to provide quality products at a reasonable price. I wrote this review of the Meepo V2 Plus to help you make the right decision when purchasing an electric skateboard. I hope you find it helpful.

The Meepo V2 Plus provides riders with a high performing electric skateboard that is still affordable.

The industry was swamped with over-priced, low-spec boards for a long time.

But now, Meepo have changed the name of the game.

You can get a V2 Plus for $419.

And as soon as you see the specs, you’ll be gob-smacked.

Meepo V2P Electric Skateboard
Quick Specs

Meepo Vs Plus

Top Speed
22mph | 35km/h
11 miles | 17.6km
Hill Climb
Charging Time
97mm 82A
Shredder Trucks - 200mm front / 125mm rear
600W Dual hubs
Samsung 20R 10C 4Ah

Pros & Cons


  • Concave shape for awesome carving ability
  • Unbeatable value for money
  • Meepo are an innovative company, not just a Chinese copycat factory
  • Replaceable hub wheels
  • Upgradeable battery option can get you an extra 10 miles (16km)


  • Pro mode needs to be refined. Throttle seems jerky at times.
  • My board came with scratches on the hub wheels.

About The Board

The Deck & Riding Experience

The Meepo V2 Plus is a super cheap electric skateboard. But only in terms of its price.

In all other aspects, it is a high quality board that packs a real punch.

The V2 Plus is 38” long so technically it is a longboard.

It has one of those standard electric longboard deck shapes that is synonymous to a Boosted Board. Which is awesome, because it’s a tried and tested shape that offers stability and looks like magic to the eye.

It has a concave shape. So the sides of the deck are raised slightly. This really locks your feet into the board to give you that added control over the board when you’re turning and carving.

This board is a dream to carve up and down the street with. I always feel comfortable ripping it around hard corners and down steep hills.

However, because of this concave shape, you lose out on the flex of the board. There’s pretty much zero flex. This makes your rides a tad bumpier, except for at higher speeds, when the stiffness of the board will provide an extra layer of sturdiness.

So, I guess it’s up to you to decide whether you want a board that is flexible to absorb a few bumps at the expense of that carving control.

Or, do you want to take your riding game to the limit? Because if you do, the Meepo is the perfect board.

Also in the box you’ll get a remote, charger, skate-tool, extra foam pads for a deck swap and a rear LED safety light.

Meepo Remote Orange

Wheels & Trucks

The Meepo V2 Plus has 97mm 82A wheels. These are big and soft.

This will help absorb some of those nasty bumps and smooth out your ride. Especially considering the absence of any flex in the deck.

Meepo V2P Hub Motor Wheels

Meepo have released brand new trucks which are custom made for electric skateboards.

They designed a 200mm set for the front truck and a set for the rear truck which are uniquely created for hub motors.

As part of this upgrade, they have increased the size of the bushings which offer increased bounce-back when you’re carving and turning.

Meepo Shredder Truck Front and Rear

The Battery

The standard battery system is made up of Samsung 20R 18650 batteries. They are lithium manganese nickel (INR) which are extremely stable and reliable.

The Samsung 20R batteries are one of the most popular batteries for DIY hobbyists and eSkate builders.

Meepo V2P Underneath Battery Enclosure

You can also opt to upgrade your battery to a Sanyo battery which will extend your range by 10 miles (16km), but it’ll cost you an extra $180.

Charging these batteries from empty to full will take about 2 hrs.

Who Is This Board For?

This is an ideal board for the beginner to intermediate rider. Even pros will be able to get on this deck and have a good time.

The Meepo V2 Plus has 4 riding modes. So you will be able to start slow and gradually work your way up to the the more daring modes.

Each mode place limits on the top speed, acceleration and braking power. Removing limits as you go higher, eventually unlocking the full power of the board.

This is great because it allows the board to grow with you as you gain more experience.

You’ll have this board for a long time and it will always surprise you with its capabilities.

Meepo Vs Plus

What Could Be Done Better?

When I first received my board and pulled it out of the box I was somewhat disappointed yet oddly understanding about the scratches that were on the hub wheels.

To me, it looks like the caps that are fitted of the hub motors were stacked one on top of each other when they were stored or transported.

I looked around the internet and couldn’t find any other mention of this happening to people, so mine could have been a one off.

Honestly, it’s no big deal for me. I’m going to scratch them up way more than how I received them.

The other thing is that Pro mode is really hard to get used to. It’s quite jerky when you throttle forward to accelerate and it also has a slight jerk when you apply the brakes.

I spend most of my time in the third highest mode, Extreme.

Extreme mode has the same top speed and braking power as Pro. The only thing limited is the torque.

Pro mode really is for Pros.

Customer Reviews

As I said earlier, Meepo are loved in the eSkate community. It wasn’t hard to find some solid customer reviews

Here’s what a couple of happy customers had to say…

Meepo V2P Customer Review
Meepo V2P Customer Review

Not What You're Looking For?

There are plenty of options for quality electric skateboards that are affordable. Here’s a few below that I’d recommend checking out.

WowGo and Meepo are often pitted against each other because they both offer amazing boards at decent prices and their specs are somewhat comparable. 

I’ve written a full review of the WowGo series here for you to read up on them.

Otherwise, you can go straight ahead and use my discount code GELL40OFF to get $40 OFF your WowGo board.

The Miles board is more of a skateboard rather than a longboard. It has a classic shape with a kick-tail and is entirely carbon fibre!

The Miles Dual has a top speed of 22mph and a max range of 18 miles! It outdoes any other electric skateboard on the market today.

The Miles dual is $769, however, like always you can use the discount code ESKATEHUB to get 10% OFF!!

The Atom B10X is an electric skateboard built for the unbeaten path. It’s is a single belt-driven board with treaded wheels, so you can take it off the paved roads onto grass, dirt tracks and other terrains. It has a top speed of 15mph (24km/h) and a range of 7 miles (11.2km). And for $490, it’s not too expensive. You can pick one up on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

Should You Buy The Meepo V2 Plus?

I am so glad to see high quality, yet cheap electric skateboards entering the market.

They are making waves in the industry and the community is now growing exponentially.

Meepo are the pioneers of this movement. If you’re looking at getting into the eSkate scene but don’t want to spend a huge chunk of cash, then look no further.

The Meepo V2 Plus is the perfect board for a beginner or intermediate rider.

Cruise, carve and impress your crush in style.

Head over to the Meepo website now and pick one up for yourself!