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So, I’m guessing you have an electric skateboard that you love and you want to share your love with everyone else!

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Before we begin, I want to give you a heads up. This isn’t any old ordinary review. It’s an in-depth look at your electric skateboard and how it performs in a real world environment. I’ve put together a Google Form to ask you specific questions that I would like you to answer. Please write in as much informative detail as possible. At the end of the article I will ask you to upload some photos of your electric skateboard. I’d love some of the board by itself from every angle (top, bottom, front, back, side, wheels, trucks, motors, enclosures) and I’d also love a photo of you with your board or even riding it.

Once you’ve completed your submission, I’ll review it and make some edits to clean it up if necessary. I’ll email you a copy of my changes for you to approve. Once that’s settled, I’ll post it live right here on eSkate Hub’s electric skateboard reviews page.

After it goes live, I’ll post your review on my Instagram channel (@eskatehub). That’s over 11,000 people that will potentially see your electric skateboard review! Damn, that tastes sweet.

Important things to note:

Every review that is submitted will be posted on eSkate Hubs blog and shared on Instagram and Facebook. Only the best review submitted of each model of electric skateboard will be featured on the Reviews page and rewarded with free eskate merchandise. I hope you understand that there will be lots of people reviewing their beloved boards and so I am unable to give out free stuff to everyone. Still have lots of love for you!