For so long I had been looking for an electric skateboard that didn’t have bulky cases and motors on top or underneath the deck. I wanted something that was sleek and looked like a regular longboard, but was magically motorized. You may have thought the same thing.. Eventually, I came across the Atom H16D Carbon Electric Skateboard. A super cool and modern eBoard that was exactly what I was looking for. And for about $700, I couldn’t believe it.

Atom H16D Electric Skateboard Diagonal

A Quick Look

The Atom H16D is a really lightweight carbon fiber deck and it conceals all of its electronic components inside the board. It is powered by two 700W hub motors which are also hidden inside the rear wheels. No one would ever suspect it to be an electric skateboard at first glance.

The acceleration and braking on the H16D has been creatively engineered to be extremely smooth and incredibly quiet. It really is the silent assassin of electric skateboarding. And with it’s regenerative braking, you pump power back into the battery while applying the brakes, meaning your ride can go even further.

The H16D can reach speeds of up to 20mph (32km/h) and has a range of 12.4 miles (20km). This of course is all depending on rider weight, road quality and other environmental factors. If you do happen to run out of battery while on a ride, you can kick push it home like a regular longboard all thanks to it’s hub motors. Once you get it to a charging station, you’ll have to wait 2 hours for the board to fully charge again, which seems to be pretty much standard in the market at the moment.

As Atom mention, it really does have that familiar longboard feel but with a heap of added power to go with it.

For many people, this will sound like gibberish, but battery nerds will appreciate a lot. The battery pack is a 158Wh 10s2p Samsung 22P LIthium-Ion (18650) configuration. And Atom make it well known that they only use authentic, Samsung cells which are individually tested before they are placed inside their boards.


  • Carbon Fiber Deck
  • Integrated Electronics
  • Dual Hub Motors
  • Four Riding Modes
  • USB Charging Port


  • Battery powered remote
  • Only ships to US, Canada and Mexico

The Best Features

Carbon Fiber Deck

The benefit of carbon fiber over your classic bamboo or maple skateboard decks is that the carbon fiber material is extremely light and really strong. Considering you’re adding a whole bunch of extra components like the battery, motors and ESC to the longboard, it quickly adds weight. Any way we can reduce this weight is going to benefit the overall range and top speed of the board. Along with that, the lighter it is, the easier it’s going to be to carry around when you’re not riding it.

Because the board is made from carbon fiber, the deck is quite stiff. This means that when you’re riding the board at slow speeds, you will feel a lot of the roads inconsistencies as there is no flex in the board to absorb the bumps. However, this deck stiffness gives the rider extra stability at higher speeds and you actually feel less of the bumps when riding at higher speeds. Another awesome thing about having a stiff deck is the ability to carve and take corners at higher speeds.

Integrated Electronics

I’ve already mentioned this a couple of times but this probably one of my favourite features of the H16D and I just need to reiterate how cool this is. Having all of the electronics hidden inside the deck gives the skateboard a premium, modern and almost futuristic, spy-like feel.
It’s not easy trying to fit everything inside the deck while at the same time keeping the deck relatively thin with a low profile. I have to say, Atom have done an amazing job to pack it all in and make it look real sharp!

Dual 700W Hub Motors

There are two 700W hub motors inside each of the rear wheels. These are what gives this board its epic speed of 20mph (32km/h). Hills grades of up to 15% incline are no match for the Atom, however, anything over that, you’ll begin to feel a little resistance in the motors, where you can always give it a little kick push to help out.
Another amazing benefit of the hub motors is that they are very low maintenance. Unlike some other electric skateboards, it doesn’t have belt drives, gears or mounts that often require time investment to maintain.

Atom H16D Electric Skateboard Hub Motors Rear Wheels

Four Riding Modes (options for speed vs distance)

Atom have designed four riding modes into their flagship electric skateboard. The cool thing about this is that you can pick exactly how you want to ride your board. If you want to go for a long ride and aren’t concerned about how fast you go, select the ECO mode. If you want to turn up the thrill and fly down the long roads at crazy speeds, flick the board into Pro mode. There’s a mode to suit the needs for each rider out there.

The Drawbacks

Look, this isn’t even a big deal, however, I feel I need to mention it so that you don’t have any nasty surprises when you pull the Atom of the box, excited for your first ride and realise it’s not what you expected. Brace yourself…

The remote is not USB rechargeable. It runs on 2x AAA batteries which is somewhat of an odd thing in this market. The good news is, Atom send you your first lot of AAA batteries so you can get going straight out of the box.

Phew… I’m glad we made it through that together.

Atom H16D Electric skateboard Remote Control

What Are Others Saying?

I couldn’t fit the screenshot of my favourite customer review (you’ll see why in a click), so I’ve linked it down below:

My Favourite Atom H16D Review

Atom H16D Review 1
Atom H16D Review 2

Not What You’re Looking For?

Something Flexible: Koowheel D3M / Kooboard ($649)

Koowheel BackSide View

The Koowheel D3M has some really cool specs and won’t break the bank. It has a range of 15.5 miles (25kms), a top speed of 20mph (32km/h) and en easy battery swap system. Check out my full review of the Koowheel D3M.

Something More Spy Like: Inboard M1 ($999)

The Inboard M1 is a seriously cool electric skateboard. Concealed electronics and hub motors but with added built in LED front and rear lights. Check out the full review of the Inboard M1.

Something For Off-Road: Atom B10X All Terrain ($500)

Atom B10X All Terrain Electric Skateboard Underneath

If you thought that electric skateboards were only for the street, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that there are a handful of boards that you can take off the beaten path. The Atom B10X is one of them. It has a 7 mile (11 km) range and a top speed of 15mph (24km/h). Definitely something worth checking out.

Final Thoughts

The Atom H16D is just downright cool. It wanted to be different and as close to a regular longboarding experience as possible and it’s done just that. I love it’s sleek, assassin-like style with the carbon fiber deck and hidden electronics. This electric skateboard is perfect for riders of all skill levels. It has what Atom are calling the ‘Turtle’ mode to help ease new riders build their confidence before turning it up to ‘Beast’ mode for the ultimate speed ride!

You should definitely check it out on Amazon for the latest price.

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