The Best Electric Skateboards of 2021

The eBoards mentioned in this article are independently tested by me. I take an unbiased and test-driven approach to determine which electric skateboards are best. When you buy products through links on my website, I may earn a commission, however, that will never influence my opinion.

The Best Electric Skateboards

By Nate


Here’s a refreshing look at the best electric skateboards that are actually worth spending your hard-earned money on.

It’s completely up-to-date and only contains eboards from reputable eskate companies. All of which I have personally reviewed and tested.

Putting together a “best electric skateboards” list is extremely difficult, as every rider has different needs and a unique riding style.

So what this list aims to do is give a broad overview of the best electric skateboards that would meet the majority of eskaters’ needs.

I’ve kept this list of eboards to products that are under $2,000. I’ve done this is because electric skateboards that are over this price point are more or less going to be great products, however, I don’t think you need to spend that much to get an electric skateboard that has everything you need.

Quick Look Table

Electric SkateboardImageSpeedRangeBuy
Meepo NLS Pro
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Meepo NLS Pro34mph
20 miles
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Backfire Zealot S
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Backfire Zealot S30mph
24 miles
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Teamgee H20T
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Teamgee H20T26mph
22 miles
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WowGo 3X
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WowGo 3X24mph
14 miles
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Possway T2
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Possway T226mph
24 miles
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Maxfind FF
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Maxfind FF25mph
17 miles
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Verreal RS
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Verreal RS27mph
31 miles
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Halo Board Beast
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Halo Board Beast26mph
25 miles
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Raldey Carbon G3
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Raldey Carbon G328mph
12 miles
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Exway FLEX
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Exway Flex25 mph
20 miles
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Meepo V3 – $449

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
Meepo V3
Very affordable priceNo extra wheel options
Extended Range battery optionNot great for carving hard
USB outlet on the battery pack 
You can kick-push, woo! 
  • Top Speed: 29mph / 46kmh
  • Range: 11 miles / 18km
  • Motors: 2x Hub motors
  • Battery: 10S2P 20R 144Wh

The crew from Meepo Board have spent many years developing and refining their products and the result is an incredibly affordable yet still very powerful electric skateboard.

The Meepo V3 is their number one selling electric skateboard and for good reason.

Not only does the V3 have some really solid specs, but it also comes in at a price point that is very appealing to those looking to dip their toe into the water of the eskate world.

It allows those who want to give eskating a go but don’t want to fork out a ton of cash for the experiment.

As soon as you step onto the V3 for the first time and take it for a spin, you’ll instantly be hooked.

The Meepo V3 sits at the top of this list as it represents the entire company. Meepo, have many other boards to suit different riders that are also amazing.

Check out the Meepo Mini 2 if you’re after a shortboard, the Meepo NLS Belt for a comfortable, powerful cruiser or the Meepo AWD Pro for a 4×4 beast of an electric skateboard.

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Backfire Zealot – $899

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
Backfire Zealot
Very affordable priceBelt-drives require maintenance
Swappable wheels 
Great performance specs 
Perfect for commuting 
  • Top Speed: 28.5mph / 46kmh
  • Range: 22 miles / 36km
  • Motors: 2x 750W Belt-drives
  • Battery: 12S2P 21700 311Wh

Here’s another electric skateboard that plays host for the entire brand.

Backfire Boards have an eboard to suit everyone’s riding style and price range.

They have the budget-friendly Backfire G2 Black, the shortboard Backfire Mini, the high performance Backfire G3 Plus, the Off-roader Backfire Ranger X3 and everything else in between.

The Backfire Zealot is the first electric skateboard from Backfire to utilise belt-drive motors. In the past, they’ve always opted for hub motors but the day has come for them to step up their game and deliver their most powerful electric skateboard.

They are still using the same deck from all of their previous Galaxy and G series eboards and I think that’s OK. Why change a good thing? It is a great deck with solid durability, a nice little flex, but not too much and slightly raised edges for a comfortable stance while giving you exceptional control over the board.

The wheels are Backfire’s own 96mm 78A polyurethane’s that are huge and spongy. They are comfortable and roll over pretty much any crack in the road with ease.

Alongside the Zealot, Backfire is also releasing a set of compatible 105mm Cloudwheels if you want even more comfort and the ability to ride over less-than-smooth paths like gravel trails.

These massive wheels, even the stock 96’s aren’t your friend when it comes to sliding they’re just a little oversized and cumbersome to have around on. However, the great thing about belt-drive eboards is that you can easily swap out the wheels for something a little more slide friendly like Orangatang’s 85mm Caguamas or 80mm Kegels.

Backfire have also announced that they are releasing a mobile app which will be compatible with the Zealot and all of their other electric skateboards that utilise a remote with an LED screen. We’re yet to see any details about what the app will bring to the table, but I’m sure it’ll have the same features as some of the other eskate apps out there like the ability to customise your top speed, braking and acceleration power, act as a remote control and keep a log of your riding history.

It has some cool ambient lighting on the side of the battery enclosure underneath the deck which doesn’t really help you see, but it does make you more visible in the dark which is always a welcomed safety feature.

Overall, the Backfire Zealot is just a really well-made electric skateboard that has great performance.

It’s a board for the guy/gal that just wants to get out and ride. Ideal for commuting to work or school and a great activity for the weekend to get outside and enjoy some fresh air and explore your home town.

And for a price of $899 (which is often discounted by $200), you’ll be hard-pressed to find an eboard that can achieve this kind of range and top speed for anything less.

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Teamgee H20T – $799

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
Teamgee H20T Promo
Well pricedCan’t change wheels
Great deck shapeOn the heavier and cumbersome side
Wheels can handle less-than-perfect terrain 
Ideal for commuting 
  • Top Speed: 26mph / 42kmh
  • Range: 22 miles / 35km
  • Motors: 2x 600W Hubs
  • Battery: 7.5/9.6Ah options

The Teamgee H20T is the best electric skateboard for those who want to ride to work or school everyday but also want to feel a bit of an adrenaline rush and take it off-road.

The wheels that come with the H20T have never been seen on any other electric skateboard before. They are 103mm, airless, rubber, treaded tyres on hub motors that have a contact area of 65mm. The huge size of these wheels maintain a lot of contact with the ground providing you with great stability. At the same time, the tread on the tyres mean that you’ll be able to take the H20T onto gravel and stone paths without losing any traction.

The last thing I want to mention about the wheels is that the rubber has holes going around the whole thing which at first I thought was quite strange. But what I realised is that these holes act somewhat like suspension. They absorb a lot of vibrations from the uneven ground to give you a really comfortable ride.

Moving onto the deck, Teamgee has developed one of the most sturdy decks you can get on an electric skateboard. It’s made of a maple and fiberglass composite which makes it quite stiff, but the spongy wheels more than make up for it. The deck has a W-shaped contour which locks your feet in nice and snug. The raised edges from this makes turning and maneuvering on the board effortless.

Teamgee have again opted to go with the Seahorse remote which in my opinion is a great controller. The acceleration is smooth and gradual and the brakes bring you to a stop safely without any jerking. For heavier riders and riding at high speeds, the brakes might be a little too long, so make sure you’re always riding at a speed where you can brake safely.

The remote has a little screen which shows all the regular information like current speed, trip length, board battery, remote battery, riding mode and braking mode.

The Teamgee H20T is $649, which is a great price considering this is some of the best top speed and range you can get from an electric skateboard at this price point.

WowGo 3X – $749

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
WowGo 3X
Incredibly well-builtPerformance tradeoff for quality
Durable and reliable
Very affordable 
Swappable wheels 
  • Top Speed: 24mph / 39kmh
  • Range: 14 miles / 22.5km
  • Motors: 2x 600W Belt-drive motors
  • Battery: Samsung

What I love about the WowGo 3X is that it is extremely well-built with Paris Trucks and Zealous bearings, both of which are premium skateboard brands.

These parts on a bamboo and fiberglass Loaded Vanguard clone deck coupled with 90mm 78A wheels make for an insanely comfortable ride.

My first electric skateboard was actually the WowGo 2S and I absolutely love that thing. It was comfy, had great speed, decent range and built really solid.

WowGo have only improved since then and the 3X is a great example of that.

You do pay a little bit more than some of the other electric skateboards on this list, but what you’re getting for that money is the durability and reliability of a well-built eboard.

The WowGo 3X is a belt-drive electric skateboard, so you’re inevitably going to have to change the belts when they break. Not everyone rides an electric skateboard hard enough to break belts, but it’s something you want to keep in mind. WowGo didn’t skimp on the quality of these belts either, so you might find that they alst a little longer than everyone else’s.

The up side of the belts is that you get the best performance and you can freely change out your wheels and even customise the gearing to dial in on a ride that is perfect for you.

If the maintenance is something that you just can’t be bothered with, check out the WowGo 3. It’s the hub motor version of the 3X and is a little more affordable.

At the end of the day, for $750, the WowGo 3X is one of the best electric skateboards to get you to where you need to be. Whether that be work, school or down the street to meet up with friends, the WowGo 3X will be a smooth and comfortable ride.

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Possway T2 – $499

Rating: 4 out of 5.

$15 OFF with code ESKATEHUB

Possway T2
Comfortable ride experienceNo wheel options
Low maintenanceLower acceleration power compared to other eboards on this list
Very affordable 
  • Top Speed: 26mph / 42kmh
  • Range: 21 miles / 34km
  • Motors: 2x 480W Hub motors
  • Battery: 10S3P 18650 36V 7.8Ah 280wh

The Possway T2 is a great beginner-to-intermediate electric skateboard for commuting and cruising around town.

For starters, it’s very affordable.

You can try out electric skateboarding to see if it’s for you without spending too much money. Plus, Possway have a great reputation, so if you happen not to like it, it’s easy to sell on the secondhand market. It’ll get snapped up.

But, I can almost guarantee that you’ll love eSkating after getting on the Possway T2.

It runs on hub motors that don’t require much maintenance at all. This is ideal for beginners who don’t want to mess around with the likes of belts and all that technical stuff.

You simply jump on this eboard and ride.

It’s super comfortable thanks to the shock-absorbing grip tape on top of the deck. You might think that 3mm of foam wouldn’t do that much, but you’ll be surprised at how well it protects you from those pesky vibrations. You’ll be able to ride for a lot longer before your feet start to fatigue.

Now, I mentioned in the ‘Cons’ table above that it doesn’t have the acceleration power that some of the other motorized electric skateboards on this list have.

If you’re an experienced eskater, this just isn’t the eboard for you. 

For the beginner and intermediate riders, the acceleration on the Possway T2 is more than enough. It’s got enough oompf to get that butterfly feeling in your tummy but it’s not so hard that it’s uncontrollable.

The Possway T2 is great first electric skateboard.

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MaxFind FF – $799

Rating: 4 out of 5.
MaxFind FF
Easy swappable battery for extended rangeOn the heavier and cumbersome side
Wheels can handle less-than-perfect terrain 
Larger battery options 
Multiple wheel options 
  • Top Speed: 25mph / 40kmh
  • Range: 17 miles / 28km
  • Motors: 2x 750W Hubs
  • Battery: Samsung 10S2P 30Q 6.0Ah 216Wh

The Maxfind FF is a fantastic electric skateboard that floats between being a commuter eboard, a carving machine and a long-range weekender to take adventures on.

The interchangeable wheel options give you the ability to flick between the two effortlessly.

During the week, you’ll want a super comfortable ride on your way to work or school, so put on a set of the Cloudwheels

When the weekend rolls around you can swap the wheels over to the streets for a high-speed ride or a cruising carve session.

Or, you could keep the Cloudwheels on, pack an extra battery in your backpack, and head out of an all-day eskate adventure.

If you want to do a little more off-road riding, then the Maxfind FF Plus is your answer. It’s the exact same board except for the motors and wheels. It’s equipped with a set of integrated All-terrain motors and is absolutely wicked.

You can tackle almost any kind of terrain with these wheels and they offer the most comfortable ride out of any of the wheel options.

The carbon fibre deck is compliant, meaning, it responds precisely to your feet movements. This means you’ll always feel in control of the board.

This paired with the Double kingpin trucks gives it that amazing carving feeling like you’re out on the snow or catching a wave.

The 750W hub motors are some of the most powerful hubs I’ve seen on any electric skateboard and the acceleration gets you from a standstill to top speed in no time.

One small feature that is easily overlooked is the integrated handle. It is at the nose of the board so you can pick up one end and roll it along next to you.

In my opinion, I think this is better than the handles cut out of the side of the deck because they can often affect the deck’s structural integrity and you also have to carry the board which are usually quite heavy.

Overall, the Maxfind FF series has a setup to suit any rider and it is sure to impress you. You can check it out here.

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Verreal RS – $949

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Verreal RS
Solid acceleration and hill-climbing abilityBelt-drives require maintenance
Great for carving and sliding 
Swappable wheels 
Ideal for commuting 
  • Top Speed: 27mph / 43kmh
  • Range: 31 miles / 50km
  • Motors: 2x 1500W 170Kv Belt-drives
  • Battery: 10S4P – 16/20Ah options

The Verreal RS has received praise across the board from many people in the eskate scene. All you have to do is do a YouTube search to see all the positive reviews.

It has an incredibly smooth acceleration and braking thanks to the custom programmed Hobbywing ESC. You feel every bit of thrill from the take off without feeling any jerkiness along the way. And it’s the same when braking. You can rest assured that you’ll come to a complete stop safely.

The deck is really stiff due to being made of 9 layers of maple. There’s a minimal amount of flex between the nose/tail and the main body of the deck where there is a slight drop-down.

In my opinion, this is exactly where you want the flex. The deck stiffness makes it easy to maintain balance and turn corners, but the little amount of flex at the trucks helps to absorb a lot of bumps from the road making the ride really comfortable.

The wheels are 90mm 78A with a contact area of 63mm. They’re really grippy against the road and the large surface area of the wheels against the ground feel stable at all speeds.

The Verreal RS uses belt motors which means you’re going to have to take a little more care with them. They will inevitably snap, which is not unique to Verreal, it’s just what belts do. So keep that in mind.

On the up side, the belt-drives give it more power, hill-climbing ability and the versatility to change the wheels, compared to hub motors.

I have seen some great conversion projects for the Verreal RS. Some eskaters have put Cloudwheels on it which looks awesome and that’s probably what I would do too. You could even put AT wheels on it and go real off-road riding.

Overall, the Verreal RS is the best electric skateboard for someone looking to get a really sturdy and comfortable eboard that has a lot of power and doesn’t break the bank. It’s the best option before jumping up into the premium electric skateboard category.

At the time of writing this, the base model of the Verreal RS is $959 which is absolutely insane!

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Halo Board Beast – $1,297

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Halo Board Beast
Direct-drive motors are the best middle ground between power and low-maintenance.Some speed wobbles at high speeds
Amazing carving and slidingReports of low-quality nuts and bolts.
Put any wheels onLow clearance due to motors
Wide, concave deck is very comfortable 
  • Top Speed: 26mph / 42kmh
  • Range: 25 miles / 40km
  • Motors: 2x 1600W Direct-drive motors
  • Battery: 10.4Ah

The Halo Board Beast is one of the best valued electric longboards in terms of price-to-spec ratio.

Although it is one of the more expensive electric skateboards on this list, it has some of the best performance specs.

It is also the only board on this list that has Direct-drive motors. 

The motors are great because they provide high acceleration power like belt-drives, but at a reduced noise level and without the need for all the maintenance that belts entail.

One caveat of the direct-drives is that it reduces the road clearance down to about 1.5cm with the street wheels on. 

You can easily fix this issue by throwing on a set of Cloudwheels or AT wheels that are available to purchase from Halo Board.

The Halo Board Beast is great for riders who want to get a really nice carve going thanks to the double kingpin trucks that allow you to dial into your desired riding feel.

The deck is quite stiff and the enclosure that runs along the entire underside of the deck is made of carbon fibre. This makes the Beast great for those that want to do a bit hard sliding along their ride.

It has a wide, concave deck for your feet to sink into nicely, giving you a great sense of confidence when cruising along.

However, it is a seemingly short deck at 37″ long, so best for riders shorter than 6″ or if you just prefer a narrower stance.

This is not an electric skateboard for beginners. There is a tendency to get some speed wobbles at high speeds due to the combination of the deck length and the double kingpin trucks. So if you’re not a confident rider, maybe check out something with regular skate trucks first and upgrade to double kingpin in the future when you have a bit more experience under your belt.

Overall, the Halo Board Beast lives up to its name. It has raw, wild power that begs for a rider who can tame it. After that, you’ll love it.

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Raldey Mt-V3 – $739

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
Raldey Mt-V3 Electric Skateboard
Hybrid AT wheels for riding on almost any surfaceQuite a stiff deck
Hub motors don’t require any maintenanceCan’t change the wheels
Very affordable 
Great for commuting anywhere 
  • Top Speed: 29mph / 45kmh
  • Range: 12 miles / 20km
  • Motors: 2x 900W Hub motors
  • Battery: 2.0Ah 252Wh

Here’s a really cool electric skateboard for you. It’s the Raldey Mt-V3 and it is only $499.

Don’t let the low price fool you. It has some seriously impressive specs for this price tag. Infact, I might even put it out there and say that it could be the best electric skateboard under $500.

It has an 8-layer Canadian maple deck which makes it really stiff which is good considering they are using long flat-pack batteries. Any flex would cause some issues with the battery.

The stiff deck in this case will help you as the rider to keep stable when riding at high speeds. The raised edges lock your feet into the board so that you have full control over the turning of the board. You would think that the rigidity of the deck would cause you to feel more of the irregularities in the road, but the honeycomb wheels that Raldey have used on the Mt-V3 do a great job of soaking up those nasty bumps.

The wheels are 110mm rubber tyres that don’t require pumping up and will never get a puncture. Because the Mt-V3 uses hub motors, you don’t get any options to change the wheels, however, these are some of the lowest maintenance wheels available.

The remote has an LED screen that displays all your fave info like speedometer, odometer, board battery, remote battery and riding mode.

The last thing I want to mention about the Mt-V3 is that Raldey considers it to be waterproof. Well it’s rated at IP55. And it is an electronic device afterall, so don’t go throwing it in the river.

I still can’t believe that the Raldey Mt-V3 is $499 for all of this. It’s definitely a great electric skateboard for those who want to get an affordable board that they can thrash around on and not worry about maintenance or breaking it.

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Loaded x Unlimited – $769+

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
Loaded x Unlimited
You can put it on any deckA deck is going to cost you extra
Easy to installA little pricey
Options to suit any rider 
Hub wheels don’t require maintenance 

The Loaded x Unlimited electric skateboards are actually more like conversion kits. They’re standalone battery and motor kits that you can append to any skateboard deck.

That’s great because you might already have a deck at home that you can utilise. And if you ever wanted to change up your ride style, you can just flick it over to another deck.

You can get them in three different options. Solo, Cruiser and Race. You can see the differences between them all just below in this table.

Solo$7691123mph / 37kmh7 mile / 11km
Cruiser$1,0991223mph / 37kmh13 miles / 21km
Race$1,3492226mph / 42kmh13 miles / 21km

Keep in mind that these are just the kits. If you don’t have a deck, you can add a deck from Loaded for $300. Otherwise, there are a lot of different deck options available at more affordable prices

Keeping true to the original skate style, you can kick push to get started. As the wheels begin to move, the motors turn on. Then all you have to do is switch on the remote and the board will automatically connect. It feels seamless and more like a skateboarding experience rather than an electric device.

To make it even more cruisy, they also have Cruise Control. Just click the button on the remote and you’ll glide along at the same speed until you brake or hit the accelerator.

And if you’re looking for a little more power, hit the B button on the remote to get a temporary boost of power.

You can hook your Loaded x Unlimited up to an app so you can fine-tune your settings. You can set your acceleration, top speed and braking just how you like it.

In a lot of ways, the Loaded x Unlimited kits are the best electric skateboards for everyone because it all depends on what deck you throw it on.

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Exway FLEX – $699+

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

$15 OFF with code ESKHUB

exway flex electric skateboard product feature
Great value for moneyNot the fastest available
Flexible and comfortable rideThe flex is no good for sliding
Can easily swap between hubs and belts 
Awesome for commuting 
  • Top Speed: 25mph / 40kmh
  • Range: 20 miles / 32km
  • Motors: 2x 600W Hubs / 2x 750W Belt-drives (Riot Kit)
  • Battery: 259Wh

The Exway Flex takes top spot for the best electric skateboard in 2021, not only because it is an amazing eboard, but also because Exway is one of the best eskate companies in the industry. 

Exway has an electric skateboard to suit everyone’s needs!

They have the everyday commuter Exway Flex, the shortboard cruiser Exway Wave, stealthy Exway X1 Pro and the all-terrain beast Exway Atlas.

The Exway Flex is arguably one of the best commuter electric skateboards available today. It has a flexy concave deck with raised shoulders to sit your feet on to give you exceptional control. Additionally, the foam grip tape on top of the deck absorbs a lot of vibrations from the road to make your ride even more comfortable.

The comfort of the deck is accompanied by 85mm 76A wheels that are the sweet spot for squishy comfort without losing out on too much performance like top speed or acceleration.

The Flex is the first from Exway to boast a swappable battery which always comes in handy if you want to go for a ride that’s a little (or a lot) longer than the usual. No more range-anxiety on group rides.

Exway has its own app which gives you control over the way your FLEX performs. In the app, you’re able to control the top speed, braking power and acceleration. You can also use it as a remote and it also keeps a log of all of the miles you’ve ever travelled on your eboard.

The remote has a wireless on/off control for the board. So all you need to do is turn the remote on and it will automatically turn on the board. It uses up a tiny bit of battery for this feature, but you can manage it in the app if you want to reserve as much power while the board is ‘off’. Personally, I love being able to just grab my board, switch on the remote and go without having to awkwardly flip over the board to search for the power button.

You can get the FLEX in a belt-drive version that they call the Riot or you can get it with hubs. The Riot has a little more power and grunt which translates to better hill climbing capabilities and acceleration, but you have the added annoyance of having to maintain the motors and replacing the belts every now and then. The hub version is great because it is super quiet and doesn’t require as much maintenance but you lost a slight amount of performance.

But, don’t get me wrong. The Hub version is still an AMAZING electric skateboard. It’s perfect for cruising and commuting to work so long as you don’t have any major hills to climb.

It’s really hard to fault the FLEX for what it is. What it’s not is the fastest electric skateboard, nor does it have the longest range. The flexibility of the deck is not for everyone and yes you are paying for extras such as the app which not everyone wants or needs.

There are better electric skateboards out there in terms of brute performance, but you sure do pay for it.

The Exway FLEX is only $649 which is a price that is very hard to beat with these kinds of specs and features. Plus, you can get yourself $15 OFF with code ESKHUB at checkout!

Both the Riot version and the Hub version of the Exway FLEX are fantastic electric skateboards that you’ll quickly fall in love with. From the moment you take it out of the box, you will be able to tell that it is built with top-quality components. But it’s not until after you take it for its first ride that you truly begin to understand how incredible the Exway FLEX is.

Final Thoughts

There you have it folks. That’s the list of the best electric skateboards that you can buy at the moment.

The only thing left do is to go buy yourself an electric skateboard.

Turn your boring commute into an exhilarating adventure!

Give your loved little-ones the ultimate gift in life that is freedom and joy!

Here’s a look at the boards I covered in this article. Click on any of the names to jump back to their respective reviews section.

I’ll constantly update this guide as newer and better eboards are released.

What Is An Electric Skateboard?

Electric skateboarding is relatively new and has only really gathered mainstream popularity in the last couple of years.

This article will be quite confusing to you if you don’t know what they are so let me quickly break it down for you and answer the question, what is an electric skateboard?

I have a great interactive guide that explains all of the components of an electric skateboard which is super helpful as a reference and getting a basic understanding of the parts that make up an electric skateboard.

But basically, an electric skateboard is a battery and motor powered skateboard that you control with a handheld remote.

They’re amazing because you can effortlessly ride up hills and travel much further than you would on a traditional skateboard.

People use them to ride to work, to the train station, on weekends with friends, to take their dog for a walk, to the beach with their surfboard underarm, to swing by the store to pick a few things up, to grab coffee, off road in the forest, along dirt mountain trails, and pretty much anywhere you want.

The benefits of eskating go far beyond just having fun. They are environmentally friendly, help to reduce traffic congestion, improve mental health and even help you save some money in the long run.

Eskating is more than just a hobby or a sport, it’s a movement.

Jump on an eboard and join us for the most fun you’ll ever have on a plank of wood with four wheels.

Check down below for the details of each of the top electric skateboards I mentioned in the table above.

Things To Consider When Buying An Electric Skateboard?

If you’re here looking to buy your first electric skateboard, I know exactly what you’re going through. That feeling of being completely confused about the different types of motors, board length, wheels, batteries, ESCs and other specs.

That feeling I had and what you’re feeling right now is the exact reason why I built this website in the first place. To try and make this process as easy as possible.

To be honest, you could buy any one of the electric skateboards on this list and be extremely happy. You’ll get the adrenaline rush you’ve been looking for and you won’t want to ever stop riding.

But after riding for a while, you might realise that there is a certain style of eskating that you prefer over the other. At that point, you’ll feel like you made the wrong purchase. 

Don’t worry, electric skateboards sell really fast on websites like eBay, Craigslist and Facebook marketplace so you’ll be able to upgrade pretty easily.

But, my aim is to help you make the best decision from the very beginning so that you can enjoy your eboard for many years.

The first thing you want to think about is what kind of roads you will be riding on. If you’ll only ever be on smooth, sealed roads and paths then street PU (polyurethane) wheels are what you’re after. They’re the slick wheels that you see on the Meepo V3. If the roads where you live are less than perfect then you might want to consider getting something with AT wheels or hybrids. Something like the Raldey Mt-V3. These will help absorb more bumps and cracks in the road and you can even ride on gravel trails. Lastly, if you’re into heavy trail riding, consider getting an eboard with full AT wheels, like on the Evolve GTR boards. These can go almost anywhere. Street, gravel, dirt, grass, you name it, it can probably handle it. The only place that it will likely struggle is on the sand.

The type of motors that an electric skateboard uses is important to consider. The two main types and the only ones seen on this list are hub motors and belt-drives.

Hub motors are great because they don’t require any maintenance, however you do lose a little bit of performance and you don’t have any options for wheels other than what they come with.

Belt-drives, on the other hand, require a bit of maintenance because belts can sometimes break depending on how hard you ride. debris can also get stuck between them so you’ll want to give them a good clean every now and then.

On the plus side of belts, they offer more performance with higher low-end power meaning you’ll get faster acceleration and better hill-climbing ability.

You’ll also be able to swap out the wheels whenever you feel like it. This is great for going from street wheels to all-terrain wheels when you feel like taking it to the trails. Keep in mind that you’ll need to do some research on gearing so that’s you get the best performance from each type of wheels.

The deck is a very important component of an electric skateboard because it’s going to dictate your ride comfort.

A stiff deck is going to be easier to turn and stays more stable when riding at high speeds. However, you’re going to feel more vibrations from the road.

A flexible deck, on the other hand, is going to absorb a lot more vibrations giving you a very comfortable ride. But you’re going to lose stability at high speeds. Some of the best beginner decks are flexy decks because it makes the ride so smooth and is easy to learn on.

Maple and carbon fiber decks tend to be the stiffest, while bamboo will be the most flexible. You might find some composites that contain a bit of maple and a bit of bamboo. This is to get a nice middle-ground of flexibility and stability.

Last but not least, let’s talk about specs. The two main ones people care about are top speed and range. Manufacturers will always state this on their websites. 

A good top speed for a beginner would be anything up to 25mph/40kmh. Beyond that, you’re playing with fire and ideally want to be a more confident rider.

As for range, that really depends on where you want to ride and if you’ll get a chance to recharge before your next ride. Think about places you might ride, like work, school, the shops, cafes or friends houses. Maybe you just need to be able to get to the closest train or bus station.

So, that’s a pretty basic overview of what you need to think about when buying your first electric skateboard. I hope it’s been a little helpful. If you have any other questions, be sure to email me or message me on Facebook, down in the bottom right corner of this page.