An ESkaters Christmas Gift Guide

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Here is the best Christmas gift guide for electric skateboarders. It has everything from helmets and protective gear to bags and lights. It's a must read if you have an eSkater that you love dearly.
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Christmas is almost here! If you have an eskater in your life, I understand that it can be hard to find the perfect gift for them. So, I’ve done all the research for you and come up with the best eskate Christmas gift guide. Everything on this list is for someone who already has an electric skateboard. If you’re looking to buy your loved one an electric skateboard, check out this guide about the best electric skateboards

ESkate Helmets

There’s two main types of helmets worn by electric skateboarders; half helmets and full-face helmets.

Half helmets, also called a shorty, are your good old regular skateboarding helmets. While full-face helmets are more like a motorcycle helmet that, as the name says, covers the entire face.

So how do you decide which one to get them?

Well, it depends on how they ride.

If they just like to cruise around town and enjoy a nice ride every now and then, the shorty will be perfect. However, if they are a little more on the daredevil side, you might want to consider a full-face helmet.

Here are your best options for both types of eskate helmets.

Half-helmets (Shortys)

Triple 8






Full-face Helmets

Bell MX-9




TSG Pass


Protective Pads for eSkating

Riding an electric skateboard isn’t like riding a regular skateboard.

Some eBoards can get upto speeds of 30mph. That’s damn fast when you’re openly exposed.

I always recommend wearing protective gear if you’re planning to ride at high speeds.

That includes Knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards. Here’s my top picks for each of these.

Triple 8 Wristsavers


G-Form Elbow Pads


G-Form Knee Pads


Electric Skateboard Lights

Fixing lights to your board or yourself is really important for two reasons.

Do you feel like you don’t get enough daylight hours to satisfy your eskating craving? How often do you leave the office and the sun has already started to set? The first reason you should get some lights is so you can have the freedom to ride in the dark. It’s a whole new skating experience and it is insane fun!

Having lights is also what I believe to be the most important piece of protective gear you can have, after a helmet of course.

When you’re lit up like a christmas tree, it’s near impossible for others not to see you. Lights help you be seen by other motorists on the road so that cars, cyclists and other vehicles don’t run into you.

Stay safe this Christmas and pick up some life saving eskateboard lights. Here is what I recommend:



Wonderhoo Lights


Blitzart LED Lights


Sliding Gloves

Lots of eskaters love to carve hard.

And the best accessory you can get for these people are sliding gloves which are gloves that have hard pucks on the palms.

This is so eskaters can lean over and place their hands on the ground to make super tight turns.

Here are the best ones to check out:

Loaded Gloves


Andux Gloves


Blitzart LED Lights


Other Cool eSkate Accessories

Eskaters are unique in the way that they love to tinker with their boards. There are a ton of other cool accessories you can get for them that they will love and won’t break your bank.

Some of the items you see below were originally designed for other things, but eskaters have taken them on as their own!

Have a look at these cool ideas:

Skateboard Stand


Skateboard Bags


Bones Bearings






LED strips



I built eSkate Hub to help people find the perfect electric skateboard for their riding style and needs. I'm a skater, surfer and a bit of a tech-head so eskating is pretty much made for me. Now I want to share everything that I learn about eboards with others that also love this incredible sport!

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